Background information
Feature films The Minifigure Elsa Movie, The Minifigure Elsa Movie 2, The Minifigure Elsa Movie 3, The Minifigure Elsa Movie 4, The Minifigure Elsa Movie 5, The Minifigure Elsa Movie 6, The Minifigure Elsa Movie 7
Television programs Disney's All New House of Mouse, Minifigure Elsa
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators CreationBeTheWorld23
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards #1 Best Disney Fanon Princess
Character information
Full name Princess Moira
Other names
Personality Kind, shy, selfless, friendly, cheerful, quiet, helpful, a little bit proud, elegant
Appearance Slender, fair skin, 10 years old, long light auburn hair (later white) with straight bangs, white and cyan gown with matching white petticoat, barefoot
Age 10 years old
Affiliations Junior Disney Princess
Goal To not have her mother get shackled and killed by her evil aunt
Home New Fjord City
Relatives Elsa (mother), Anna (evil aunt), Kristoff (uncle), Queen Idun (grandmother;deceased), King Adgar (grandfather;deceased)
Love Interests
Minions Herself, Marshmallow Junior
Enemies Anna
Likes Her mother Elsa, going on adventures, cyan and white
Dislikes Going to the supermarket, her evil aunt Anna, pink
Powers and abilities Her ice powers that she inherited from her mother Elsa
Quote “NO! Anna, you did this to my mom!!!”

Physical Appearance

She has light auburn hair (later white) with straight bangs. She first wears a white dress with her hair worn back. Discovering her powers, she wears a creamy-blue nightdress with off-the-shoulder strap sleeves and her hair is worn back again. When Anna captures Moira, Moira wears a pink bikini top with her bare legs revealed but a very short gold sarong is tied to her legs. After becoming an official Snow Mermaid, Moira wears a light blue snowflake-shaped seashell bikini top with a light aqua tail and fins.