Princess of Fantasies is an upcoming Disney theatrical feature film.


A young lady in the modern world named Tina finds out that she is an ancient princess from long ago through a mystical music box found in the attic. She was once Princess Christina who had the power and spirit to spread happy fantasies all over the Earth to drive out the shadows of the secretive evil forces. Using the music box, she transports back and forth from the modern world and the ancient world to find out why Princess Christina still "exists". Along the way, she meets familiar places and people from the modern world in the ancient world.


  • Meg Ryan as Tina/Princess Christina
  • Howard McGillen as Zack/Swordsman Zack
  • Sally Fields as Marina/Witch Marina Wiz
  • Ashton Kutcher as Flight Boy the Butterfly
  • Jim Cummings as Berry Beary the Flying Bear
  • Frank Welker as Terohma the Spider

Chorus voices include Andrea Robinson, Jodi Benson, Kath Soucie, Kristen Chenowith, Indina Menzel, Brad Garrett, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tom Hulce, Christian Bale, and Alan Menken.


The score and orchestrations of the songs are done by Alan Menken while the lyrics of the songs are done by Time Rice.

The music in this movie combines the elements of old classic Disney, new modern Disney, and Disney Renaissance-esque music (i.e. the chorus from old Disney films, folk rock songs like from Tangled, and Broadway show tunes).

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