These are quotes and lines spoken by Pumbaa from Disney's The Lion King.


The Lion King

  • Hey, Timon, it's just a little lion. Look at him. He's so cute and all alone! Can we keep him?
  • But he's so little.
  • Maybe he'll be on our side.
  • Uh...
  • I'd say brownish-gold.
  • Oh.
  • Kid, what's eatin' ya?
  • What'd ya do, kid?
  • It's times like this my buddy Timon here says: you got to put your behind in your past.
  • [slower] Hakuna Matata. It means "no worries".
  • [about "Hakuna Matata"] It's our motto.
  • [singing] And I got down-hearted.
  • Every time that I...
  • [Faces the camera] Oh. Sorry.
  • Slimy yet satisfying.
  • Me, too. I ate like a pig.
  • Hey, Timon, ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?
  • Oh. What are they?
  • Oh, gee. I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away.
  • Really?
  • Your Majesty. I gravel at your feet. [starts kissing Simba's feet]
  • Oh, sorry.
  • What?
  • Who?
  • Oh.
  • Who's got a scar?
  • Yup, yup, yup.
  • Yup, yup, yup.
  • Yup, yup.
  • Drop 'em!
  • Are you talkin' to me?
  • Are you talking to me?
  • They call me... MR. PIG!!![he screams and charges at the hyenas]AHHHH!

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

  • Hey!
  • Oh, who's the other half?
  • Uh...upright, head turned slightly to the left, tail erect.
  • I thought you were gonna watch her
  • Watch this!
  • Ahh!
  • Hippothetically.
  • But he's not a lion...

The Lion King 1½

  • I gotta tell you, Timon, that song always gets me, right here.
  • Uhh, Timon, what are you doing?
  • But you can't go out of order.
  • But everyone's gonna get confused. [picks up his own remote and rewinds film] We gotta go back to the beginning of the story.
  • [rewinding] Yes we were, the whole time.
  • [rewinding] Then, why don't we tell them our story?
  • Oh, I like the sound of that.
  • Oh, sorry. I thought it was a brownie.
  • Pumbaa.
  • Uh, special power? well, it's pretty powerful.
  • They say first impressions are very important.
  • What exactly did he say?
  • Timon, look!
  • What's that he's holding up?
  • [talking through a crowd of animals at Pride Rock] I don't do so well in crowds.
  • You mean, you don't mind?
  • Well, I don't like to toot my own horn.
  • Shall we run for our lives?
  • It did?
  • After a long day of doing nothing, it's good to kick back.
  • Well, you know what they say: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
  • I'll just whip up a little something.
  • Come and get it!
  • Try this - hot tuna frittata.
  • The spinach armada.
  • A spoon of ricotta.
  • A wormy piccata.
  • Kahuna colada.
  • A blue enchilada.
  • Legumes on a platter.
  • [poking a dish] This oughta be hotta.
  • I gotta lambada! [dances right into Timon]
  • Hakuna Matata.
  • Hakuna Matata - It means "no worries". Ah-ohhhh... .
  • Sorry.
  • Uh oh!
  • Good night.
  • Dream of bedbugs tonight.
  • [yawns] Ah, I'm bushed. [while getting out of water hole] I think I'll turn in for the night. [bubbles stop]
  • (thinks) Poor Simba. The treachery, the villainy, the sure indescribable horror!
  • Oh, okay.
  • [laughs] Beats me, Timon. What?
  • Uh, Timon? What are you doin'?
  • Can I be your best man?

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

  • "We used to help Simba get his claws out of logs all the time."
  • "It's smorgasbord!"
  • "And then she fell face first into a log full of bugs!"
  • "Well, if you ask me, it sounds like it might be dangerous."
  • "Oh, Bunga. I'm so proud, I could...!"


Timon & Pumbaa

  • Well, that's one way to say it, Timon. Another way would be to say, "We're contaminated in a receptical or wooden slacks."
  • Gee, if there's one thing that makes an animal impossible to eat, it's the ability to speak.
  • Uh, Timon? I just thought of something. What if someone else tries to eat him?
  • Where are we?
  • Hey, look! It's Jerry Lewis!
  • Sharp objects!
  • Hey, look! You're the Timonalisa! [laughs]
  • And his name is Speedy! [Timon pounds Pumbaa in the coat] Oww! Uh, I mean his name isn't Speedy! [Timon kicks Pumbaa a few times] I mean, I didn't say anything.
  • He's gonna hurt us! Timon, ou gotta do something!
  • [lowly] I don't think that would work on this kind of situation.
  • [suspiciously, about Timon paying for the stuff on the beach] Are you sure you did the right thing and returned the money, Timon?
  • [worried] But this looks like exactly $1,290,000 worth of stuff.
  • [angry] And what is that?
  • El Toro!
  • [Gets angry] Pig?
  • Are you talking about me?
  • [Angrier] Are you talking about me?
  • [shouting] ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?
  • THEY CALL ME... MISTER PIG! [Pumbaa goes berserk and knocks the cheetahs into a tree]

House of Mouse

The Lion Guard

  • "If you ask me, I think Bunga smells fine just the way he is."
  • "Mmm-mmm! Yummy!"
  • "If you want to see him, you've got to wait in line!"
  • "Bunga the Wise. The Sage of Hakuna Matata Falls."
  • "It's Bunga the Wise."
  • "Bunga's advice is so popular we decided to take it on the road."
  • "What?!"
  • "Oh! Say it ain't so!"
  • "Thanks, Rafiki! That's great. Uh, nothing?"
  • "Yeah! A feast at Hakuna Matata Falls. And everyone's invited!"
  • "That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard?"
  • "Oh, oh, I wanna feel! Mmm. Cuddly! Oh."
  • "Oh, that's what you say every year, Timon. And then, halfway up that big tree, you decide to wait till next year."
  • "Oh, Timon! I think he likes you!"
  • "Aw, look at him. He's such a cute little thing. Can we keep him?"
  • "Or as they say in the Serengeti, he's bunga!"
  • "We celebrate because the day we got the Utamu was the day we met you!"
  • "Fate is a fickle mongoose!"
  • "Oh, I'm so turned around I'm afraid we'll never get out alive!"
  • "Oh, you'll understand when you have kids of your own. Well, not exactly your own. But you'll understand when a lost lion or lonely honey badger wanders into your little corner of the world."
  • "Dead end. We're still coming for ya!"
  • "I'm sorry. I should've remembered. Hakuna matata!"

Video Games

Kingdom Hearts II

  • "What were you thinkin' about?"
  • "She's gonna eat us!"
  • "Are you sure they don't wanna eat me like I'm some kinda pig!?"
  • "Call me Mr. Pig!"
  • "Nala wants to be left alone. Why don't you go cheer up Simba? Hakuna Matata... You understand, don't you, guys?"
  • "You can run fast like lions, right? I wish I could do that, too. It'd be useful when running away..."
  • "Simba chased after Scar toward the peak up above. This is the grand finale. Go cheer Simba on!"
  • "I'll go tell Simba."
  • "Same thing! And I'm not sticking around to be anybody's pork dinner!"
  • "And find your own path!"
  • "Rafiki is really wise. He might know what we should do. If you're ever in a bind, you should see what he has to say."
  • "All my old "friends" left me just because of how I smell. But now I have Timon, and I'm livin' a life of Hakuna Matata!"
  • "What are we gonna do if that beast comes here? You've gotta stop it in the savannah, or this place'll be destroyed!"

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