Rainbow Rescue
Season 3, Episode 15
Air date August 13, 2021
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Rainbow Rescue is the fifteenth episode of Season 3 Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 67th episode overall.


George, Stephanie and Craig must find some missing pieces of a rainbow crystal cannon with the help of Stephanie's friends. And Lennox has mysteriously disappeared.




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  • Sponghuck was originally going to have a major role, but wasn't included in the episode altogether in the final cut. He was given a mention however.
  • The episode was nearly given a PG rating because of a sighting of blood and off-screen violence, but did end up having a U rating in the UK and a G rating in the USA.
  • This marks the second major roles of Stephanie's friends - Tina, Alexanne, Don and Harper.
  • It's revealed that Scooter and Josie have been on at least 100 dates.
  • Alexanne is revealed to be pregnant.
  • It's revealed that the name of Rainbow City's founder was Reginald Adair.
    • It was confirmed he would appear in a future episode.
  • It's shown that even though Craig is a ghost, he can still go into water and come out perfectly fine.
  • This is the third time blood is visible, the first two times being the first film and Ghost Hunt.
  • The episode received rave reviews. Critics praised some of the interesting point outs to Rainbow City's origin, the roles of Stephanie's friends and did like some of the jokes and mysteriousness of Lennox's disappearance, but many hated Fizzo and Rigby's role, where they tried to steal the pieces and when they stabbed Alexanne, which nearly caused her unborn baby and herself to die.
  • Lennox disappeared before the episode's events and wouldn't be found again until The Extraordinary Eleven.