Randy normal attire
Randy Cunningham
Background information
Television programs Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Video games Disney Super Speedway
Voice Ben Schwartz
Designer Jhonen Vasquez
Character information
Personality Randy

humorous, friendly, kind, forgiving, handsome, sweet Ninja heroic, cocky, handsome, sweet

Appearance as Randy: purple-haired, blue eyed

as Ninga: masked

Occupation Norrisvile High Ninja, 9th grade student
Alignment Good
Goal to save Norrisvile High from crime.
Home Norrisville
Allies HowardTheresa (his possible love interest), Debby KangJulian, Dave,JuggoMorganBucky Hensletter,Heidi

Willem Viceroy (occasionally)

Princess Kittie McFist (2nd love interest), Libby Driscoll, Jack Crabgrass

Enemies Hannibal McFistWillem Viceroy,Bash JohnsonThe Sorcerer,The SorceressCatfish Boora

Randy Cunningham is a 9th grade student, Norrisville ninja at Norrisville High and the main protagonist of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.


Randy is very slim-built and tall in comparison to his best friend Howard. He has natural purple hair and blue eyes. Comparing his appearances without a shirt in "Got Stank" and "Ninja Camp", he seems to have gained some muscle, probably because of his ninja duties. His arms and thigh are slightly smaller than his hand and legs respectively. Randy is always (except as ninja) seen wearing a McTop with a white line that curls up to form the same symbol which is found on the cover of the NinjaNomicon and the Ninja Suit. He also has a darkslate gray McHoodie that has wavy sleeves and pockets. He wears black McSkinnies that fit very well with the rest of his outfit. He is seen wearing purple zip-up McKicks.

[1]Norrisville Ninja===Ninja SuitEdit===

Randy wears the typical ninja suit in which is used generation after generation. The suit seemed to have adjusted to his physical thin-like shape, because when Mac Antfee used it, it was bigger since Antfee was fatter. The suit also has a scarf which Randy admits to really liking and is insulted whenever anyone makes fun of it. Randy is probably wearing his civilian attire, or whatever he was wearing previously, under the Ninja suit, like a second layer. The only thing that can be seen of Randy is his eyes

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