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Rayna Krei
Background information
Feature films Big Hero 6
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Hannah Wyland (Quantico)
Carol Vanstone (Office Christmas Party)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Rayna Krei
Other names
Age 35 (during Big Hero 6)
37 (currently)
Birthday April 3rd
Occupation Linguistic diplomat (formerly)
Director of foreign affairs (currently)
Minister of finance (currently)
Affiliations Krei Tech Industries
Home San Fransokyo, CA (currently)
Tokyo, Japan (formerly)
Moscow, Russia (formerly)
Tel Aviv, Israel (formerly)
Relatives Zalman Krei (father)
Beyle Krei (née Rabinovich; mother)
Moishe "Alistair" Krei (brother)
Love Interests None
Allies Alistair Krei
Krei Tech Industries
Minions Rumiko Kurokawa
Enemies Amrita Sarkar
Powers and abilities
You've hurt my brother enough, Sarkar. He was so focused, but now you've completely destroyed him, and I don't appreciate that. I'd better not see your damned face in this building ever again, or I promise you—and I guarantee, I never break my promises—that I will make your life a living hell. Got that?
―Rayna to Amrita Sarkar

Rayna Krei (Yiddish: רײנא קריי, Russian: Райна Крей, Rayna Krey) is a supporting character in the Big Hero 6 series. The elder sister of entrepreneur Alistair Krei, she runs the massive Krei Tech Industries along with her brother and manages the foreign affairs and finances of the company.


Early Life

Rayna Krei was born in San Fransokyo, California, to small-time candy-shop owner Zalman Krei and his wife, hair stylist Beyle (née Rabinovich). She was born three years before Alistair, who was originally named Moishe (משה). Rayna's father was a first-generation German-American of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry while Beyle, her mother, was of Yiddish-speaking Russian Jewish descent. Zalman's parents shortened the family's original surname, "Kreisel", to the present-day "Krei" upon immigration to the United States from Germany.

Raised in the Orthodox Jewish faith in a lower-middle class family, Rayna and Moishe were taught Yiddish and Russian by their mother, as she did not speak English at the time. The siblings were also enrolled in Hebrew school, but they never actually finished their education in the language due to the family's low income. Unlike the Hamada family, Zalman and Beyle were complacent and staunch parents who did not encourage Rayna and Moishe to "think outside the box". Instead, Zalman hoped that his children would continue to study the Torah and that Moishe would become a scholar of Judaism.

Zalman owned a small sweets shop named "Krei's Candies and Confectioneries" (German: Süßigkeiten und Konditoren von Krei), a long family business he'd continued from Germany. Though he wasn't profiting very well, Zalman took great pride and honour in his humble shop, hoping either Moishe (if he didn't become a Jewish scholar) or Rayna would someday continue his legacy. Though the elder sibling, Moishe was the one faced with more pressure and expectations due to his gender. By both Zalman and Beyle, he was expected to become either a Jewish teacher or a traditional candy maker. Displeased with both options and a planned future, Moishe slowly detached himself from his Jewish background as an adolescent. With a growing irreligious worldview, Moishe dreamed of becoming a big-time businessman to challenge his father's narrow and close-minded ideology. Rayna, on the other hand, found an interest in world languages and cultures, but maintained her connection to Judaism.

Rayna had her Bat Mitzvah at 12 years, with Moishe following four years later at age 13.[1]


  • Rayna is still a practising Jew, but does not consider herself Orthodox.
    • She still observes Jewish tradition while Alistair has completely discarded the religion.
  • Rayna (רײנא) is a Yiddish name meaning "clean" or "pure".[2][3] The spelling also represents a Bulgarian name (Райна) of a different origin.[4]
  • She is fluent in Russian, Yiddish, English, and Japanese. She also speaks little German and Hebrew.
  • Her family's original last name, Kreisel, is a German Jewish surname denoting a crazy or active person, from the German word kreis or kreisel meaning "top (as in the toy)".[5][6]
  • After starting his company, Moishe legally changed his name to "Alistair" for a greater international appeal so that his name would be easier to remember. Rayna and his parents still disapprove of his choice, and his family still refers to him as Moishe—much to his annoyance.
    • Aside from Rayna and his family, Amrita is the only other person who knows of Alistair's birth name.
  • Despite her father's occupation, Rayna largely dislikes candy and sweets.
  • During her time in Israel, Rayna also studied Krav Maga (קְרַב מַגָּע), an Israeli martial art.
  • She is able to recognize and distinguish accents from 23 different languages worldwide.
    • They are: American (English), British (English), Scottish, Irish, Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Australian, Canadian, Bengali, Portuguese, Polish, Persian, and French.



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