Remi From Manila is a Walt Disney Filipino/Mexican/Polynesian film scheduled to release in 2018

Plot: Remi, a 20 year old girl who was homeschooled in Manila for her whole life, just attended Mayon Mountain University and is trying to learn and get through the hardships of fitting in, crushes, friend drama, bullying, and making a few new friends.

Directors, Producers, and Creators:

  • Don Hall
  • Chris Williams

Voice Cast:

  • Jahziel Manabat - Remi, who loves being the captain of the cheer leading, volleyball, girl's basketball and soccer team, sports, eating sinigang, and her friends and family
  • Alden Richards - RJ, Remi's older brother who she barely sees and works in the Filipino residence of NATO
  • Daniel Padilia - Adam, captain of the football team and Remi's boyfriend who loves her with all his heart
  • Andi Eigenmann - Alexa, Remi's teenage younger sister who likes to steal her makeup and sometimes drives her nuts
  • Hailed Steinfeld - Nyrah, Remi's best friend of 13 years who gets excited when she heard Remi's attended Mayon Mountain University
  • Zanjoe Marudo - Jonathan, a heartthrob and the most aggravating jock of the basketball team
  • Paolo Bellesteros - Erik, a hunky nerd that everyone depends on and is sometimes taken for granted
  • Derek Ramsay - Mr. Anthonio, the science teacher
  • Marco Alcaraz- Oliver Ramirez, the senior class clown that everyone and even the teacher likes, but can sometimes be annoying
  • Sarah Geronimo - Tina Adlawan, Oliver's girlfriend 
  • Connie Reyes - Coach Olarte, the girl's Kali and volleyball team coach 
  • Dwayne Johnson - Coach Ballesteros, the boy's soccer, basketball, and football coach
  • Temuera Morrison - Mr. Clement, a man who moved from Motunui, New Zealand to teach poetry and literature in the Philippines
  • Jaime Preciado of Pierce the Veil - Troy, a Mexican Filipino classmate of Remi's, captain of the basketball team
  • Maine Mendoza - Anabel, the Filipina Regina George
  • Nicole Scherzinger - Remi's mother
  • Vic Sotto - Remi's father
  • Wally Bayola - Principal Camacam
  • Lucas Gloss - Mitch
  • James Franco - Vice Principal Ramecas
  • Rachel House - Nurse Reguara
  • Hannah Oñaté- younger Remi
  • Kyle Basillio - younger Adam
  • Louise Bush - baby Remi 
  • Chris Jackson - singing voice of Mr. Clement


  • The film is similar to Big Hero 6, having Asian and multi heritage characters and having to do with school and education.
  • Other than the High School Musical franchise and CoCo, Remi is the first Walt Disney musical to take place in the present days.