When high school best friends, formerly known as the Electronics, unexpectedly reunite on a vacation in Michigan, they decide to throw the party they never got to celebrate as teens.


  • Daniel Henney - Cooper Wang, the leader of the Electronics and Regina Quinn's crush since freshman year 

Alden Richards as young Cooper

  • Rachel McAdams - Regina Quinn, Cooper's crush who she thought he was too cool to love her back

Sabrina Carpenter as young Regina

  • Shakira - Zoe Ortiz, a member of the Electronics, former prom queen at South Penn High School, José's ex girlfriend

Jenna Ortega as young Zoe

  • Diego Luna - José Posada, Zoe's ex boyfriend who still might have feelings for her

Andrew Jacobs as young José

  • Taron Egerton - Alex Corden, the masculine jock of the Electronics
  • Dwayne Johnson - Kamuela Kelekolio, the nerd of the Electronics that everyone looked up to

Phil Manansala of Of Mice and Men as young Kamuela

  • Nichole Scherzinger - Lana Kelekolio, Kamuela's wife
  • Auli'i Cravalho - Aolani Kelekolio, Kamuela's rebellious punk rock teenage daughter (also plays young Lana)
  • Marie Matiko - Angela Madalag, a divorced woman and the former emo kid of the Electronics, who's now a lawyer and nurse
  • Daniel Padilla - Jason Madalag, Angela's gangster teenage son who develops a crush on Aolani

Sebastian Benedict as young Jason

Phoebe Onate as younger Flordeliza

  • Hiro Ripoll of That Was Then, This Is Now - David Reyes, Flordeliza's nu goth boyfriend
  • Johnathan Sadowski - Alex McCartney, the formerly selfish and prideful member of the Electronics

Jesse McCartney as young Alex

  • Marlon Wayans - Austin Garfield, a retired jazz and R&B artist and a member of the Electronics

Jaden Smith as young Austin

  • Allison Miller - Brunela Neri, a member of the Electronics who used to be too girly and over dramatic

Peyton List as young Brunela

  • Margarita Levieva -  Dominika Abramov, the laid back, artistic member of the Electronics 

Abigail Breslin as young Dominika


  • Hannah Onate and Hiro Ripoll were dating from 2016 to 2017
  • Phoebe is actually Hannah's younger sister
  • Dwayne Johnson, Auli'i Cravalho, and Nicole Scherzinger have co-starred in Moana and many other films
  • Aside from Mean Girls, this is McAdams' second movie role to portray a character named Regina

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