Ride the Northbound Horse is a UK VHS. This was Distributed by Disney Videos.



  • Voices:
  • Release Date: 9th September 1995
  • Distributed by Disney Videos

Opening Previews (UK)

  1. Blue Warning screen
  2. Closed Captions screens
  3. Coming Soon from Disney Videos
  4. The Aristocats trailer
  5. The VCI children's trailer from 1994
  6. Aladdin trailer
  7. Disney's Storybook Favourites trailer
  8. Walt Disney Classics 1995 trailer
  9. Disney Videos 1995 trailer
  10. Pinocchio trailer
  11. Disney's Cartoon Classics trailer
  12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs trailer
  13. Also Available from Disney Videos
  14. Beauty and the Beast trailer
  15. The Jungle Book trailer
  16. Stay Tuned
  17. Disney Videos logo
  18. Start of Ride the Northbound Horse (1969)

Closing Previews (UK)

  1. End of Ride the Northbound Horse (1969)
  2. The End A Walt Disney Production
  3. Also Available from Disney Videos
  4. The Return of Jafar trailer
  5. Disney's Sing-Alongs Songs 1995 trailer
  6. Walt Disney Classics 1994 trailer
  7. Coming Soon from Disney Videos
  8. Mickey's Fun Songs trailer
  9. Peter Pan on Video trailer

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