Ring-Ring In Town is a live-action television show that ran from 1995 - 1996 on Disney Channel. Set in Manhattan, the series follows the adventures of a teenage alien with special powers named Ring-Ring who was sent to Earth by his parents in order to protect him from evil invaders on his home planet, Klooton. Under the supervision of his new human parents, Bob (Pat Finn) and Liz (Mim Drew), Marvin tries to adjust to life on Earth as a typical American teenager.


  • Ring-Ring - The main protagonist.


# Title
1 The Tail Of Rodents, Part One
2 The Tail Of Rodents, Part Two
3 The Tail Of Rodents, Part Three
4 Ping Versus Táng
5 Sound Of Crimes
6 The Rodent Invader
8 Who Wants Him
9 Along Came The Mother
10 The New Member, Part One
11 The New Member, Part Two
12 It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Town
13 Lucky Spinner

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