Rosanella is a 2D animated film from Walt Disney Studios released in 1976.

It is written by Joe Camp and directed by Louise Lasser.

It is based on The French Literary fairytale of the same by Come De Caylus.

It features the voice talents of George Lazenby, Janet Suzman, Elizabeth Ashley, Samantha Eggar, Novella Nelson, Claudia Cardinale and Sonny Chiba.

It was a made for television Disney film which instead got a small theatrical release.

The film was universally well received and as a result even snagged an an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.


A Beautiful Princess named Rosanella vanishes from her kingdom one stormy night and whilest her loving king and queen father begin a search party out into the storm ridden surrounding areas in search of their now missing daughter twelve baby girls end up at their kingdom doorsteps.

The twelve baby girls are apparently orphans and are adopted by the King and Queen.

Time passes on and the orphan baby girls whom were all adopted by the King and Queen have grown up.

The girls now by law being fully grown princesses are to be wed to a prince suitor.

Eleven of the adopted Princess daughters have found a suitor all apart from one: Princess Tiorne.

Eventually the overrall minister of law arrives upon hearing that one of their princess daughters does not plan to wed just because she is expected to.

He orders to have the Princess married or she will be stripped of the king and queen's custody and become his adopted daughter who will be then wed off to the Ambassador's nasty king friend's prince son.

Tiorne along with Princess Rosanella's former personal maid Maria set out to find a charming prince within the given days but it seems there are none of which Tiorne wishes to marry.

However eventually the wealthiest prince of the area comes across Tiorne whilest she is out by the castle courtyard well at night.

The two are drawn together by a beautiful harmony of a song and the fact they are both being forced to wed which they don't want to do unless it's by their decision.

The disappearence of Rosanella is then revealed to be the work of the Queen's personal assistant


  • Elizabeth Ashley as Princess Rosanella/ Princess Tiorne/ Princess Liorne/ Princess Fiorne/ Princess Wiorne/ Princess Miorne/ Princess Ciorne/ Princess Niorne/ Princess Biorne/ Princess Jiorne/ Princess Giorne/ Princess Aiorne
  • Janet Suzman as The Queen
  • George Lazenby as the King
  • Novella Nelson as Maid Mariambi/ Princess Rosanella's former personal maid who is the only one apart from the Witch Claudia who knows that the twelve orphaned adopted daughters of the king and queen are in fact Rosanella
  • Claudia Cardinale as The Claudia/ A

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