Secretly Royal is a live-action show on Disney Channel. It set to premiere on July 21, 2017 and the timeslot is Fridays at 7pm.


Brooke Reeds is your typical teenage girl, but there's one thing, she's a princess. Born into royalty, Brooke was forced to flee her kingdom and live a normal life to hide from the enemy, Dexter Lataffi.


Season 1

# Title Original Air Date
1. Pilot July 21, 2017
2. Am I at the Ball or Mall? August 4, 2017
3. Spy for Me at School August 11, 2017
4. Journey to the Center of the Castle August 18, 2017
5. TBA September 8, 2017
6. TBA September 22, 2017
7. TBA October 20, 2017
8. TBA November 3, 2017
9. TBA Novmber 10, 2017
10. A Very Chaotic Christmas December 1, 2017

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