Lady Tremaine: The Pear Shaped Toad!

Drizella: Oh!! sing sweet nightingale!

Drizella: Sing sweet nightingale

Drizella: High!!!!!!!!! Above me!

Drizella: Oh Sing sweet nightingale! Sing sweet!

Cinderella: Ha-Ha-ha-ha-high Above!

Cinderella: oh sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet.. Nightingale

Cinderella: oh sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet,

Cinderella: oh sing sweet nightingale.... Sing sweet


Drizella: (Rough Singing) Oh Sing sweet nightingale

Anastasia: (Higher flute and hits flute on drizella' Head)

Drizella: Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Yi-Yi-Yi!

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