Single Mates
Season 1, Episode 7b
Air date October 4, 2019
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"Night Flight"
"Hide and Seek"

Single Mates is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 13th episode overall.


George realizes Tyler is the only other team member who's never fallen in love, so they decide to spend the night together in the city.




For a full transcript of "Single Mates", click here.



  • This is the first episode where Tyler has a main role.
    • He also speaks more than he normally would in this episode.
  • It's revealed that neither George Jacqueline or Tyler have ever fallen in love.
  • This episode marks the first appearence of George's childhood friend Gary.
    • It's also revealed shown that Toe Jam is another childhood friend of his.
  • It's revealed that George hates emo and techno music.
  • Craig, Sponghuck and Bash are revealed to have had girlfriends at somepoint each.
    • Sponghuck was even married once.
  • This episode marks Stephanie's shortest appearance in the series so far. She only appears for the first few seconds of the episode.
  • Reviews of the episode were mostly positive. Critics and fans got to know more about Tyler, which they considered a plus and just like most episodes, the humour was praised.

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