Sir Bedivere
Background information
Feature films The Sword in the Stone II: The Mystic Isle
Television programs The Magic of Camelot
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Scott Cleverdon
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Sir Bedivere from Arthurian legends
The Picts
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Easygoing, friendly, simpleminded, lazy
Appearance Handsome, nineteen years old, pale skin, long black hair, dark blue eyes, pointed nose, missing left hand
Occupation Knight
Sir Kay's sidekick
Affiliations Good
Goal To help Arthur rule England
Home Fife (formerly)
Relatives Sir Bartholomew (father)
Mother (deceased)
Old Bedivere (grandfather)
Love Interests
Allies Sir Kay
Arthur Pendragon
Princess Guinevere
Enemies Madame Mim
The Green Knight
Sir Melwas
Lady Nimue
Likes Napping, songs, hanging out, magic
Powers and abilities
Weapons Shortsword
Fate Celebrates Arthur's birthday with his friends

Sir Bedivere is a major character from The Sword in the Stone II: The Mystic Isle. He is Sir Kay's best friend and fellow knight. He is voiced by Scott Cleverdon in the film.


Bedivere is the son of Sir Bart and was named in honor of his grandfather, Old Bedivere. He is a handsome young man, around nineteen years old, and has black hair he ties back in a ponytail, dark blue eyes, and a Scottish accent. When Bedivere was a child, he was in an accident that cost him three toes, his left hand and "half his wits." To hide his missing appendage, the young knight wears a gauntlet most of the time.

Known for being dim and lost in his own head, Bedivere is often clueless about what's going on, and is easily influenced by what people tell him, thus he is the blowhard Kay's best friend and sidekick, but Bedivere differs from the brutish knight in many ways; while Kay is hotheaded, abrasive and always spoiling for a fight, Bedivere is relaxed, friendly and would rather sit back and daydream than go on an adventure.


The Sword in the Stone II: The Mystic Isle