Walt Disney's 2013 Film a Sequel to Song of the South

Remus Uncle the Br'er Owl Enter.

To Be Contunued is Song of the South 2

Voice Cast


James Bascket - Remus Uncle

Hattie Mcdaniel - Aunt Tempy

Erik Rolf - John (Johhny Father)

Ruth Warrick - Sally (Johnny Mother)

Danny Grover - Grand Father

Lucile Watson - Grand Mother

Bobby Driscoll - Johnny

Luana Patten - Ginny

Glenn Leddy - Toby

Olivier Urbain - Mr. Favers

Mary Field -  Mrs. Favers

Ali Rubina - Poggy

Damian Alkasar - Larning (Poggy Father)

Anita Brown - Maid (Poggy Mother)


Nick Stewart - Br'er Bear

Lalph Wright - Br'er Fox

Robert Oliveri - Br'er Gator Boy

J Pat O'malley - Br'er Owl

Rick Moranis - Br'er Turkey

Johnny Lee - Br'er Rabbit

Roy Glenn - Br'er Frog

Bill Thompson - Br'er Racoon

Cliff Robertson - Br'er Pig

Alfred Molina - Br'er Wolf

Vincent Price - Br'er Dog

Candy Candido - Br'er Porcupine

Oliver Wallace - Br'er Turtle

Br'er Gator Boy Story

Br'er Gator Boy's Runaway in Wreathe

Tar Doll in Wreathe

Everyboby's Got a Laughing Place in Wreathe

Animation and Action Fly Out in Wreathe


Song of the South (Opening)

Action Song

Remus Uncle Said

Who Wants to Live Like That?

Sooner or Laster

Let the Rain Pour Down

All I Want

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Ending)

Animation Song


How Do You Do?

Everyboby's Has A Laughing Place!!

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