Sonic's(Blooper) Bunny is an eight-minute Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Greg Ford and Terry Lennon, produced in 1991 by Warner Bros-Disney Feature Animation. The short is a remake of the Bugs Bunny short of the same name. It premiered on June 13, 2017, after Disney discovered the script sitting in the vaults. During the years, the cartoon has garnered a huge following among animation fans because of its humor.


The first scene appears at the very beginning of the movie, and features the now famous "Disney" Looney Tunes intro, causing people to assume it is the short cartoon that usually plays before a movie begins; however, when Sonic, Tails, and Creame appears through the rings on top of the Warner Brothers shield, Rouge interrupts the intro, and steals the shield from them. She attempts to recreate the opening with herself like of Bugs Bunny, but she causes the entire set to fall apart. Tails, Furious Of this, promises Rouge the classic Bugs Bunny/Grocho Marx quote "OF CORSE YOU REALIZE THIS MEANS WAR!!!! " Daffy Duck comes on set, claiming that since they won't star in the cartoon, they might as well just skip straight to the movie.

Blooper 1: Shadow fires a real gun on Bugs as opposed to a prop, leaving a bullet throughhis forehead. Bugs scolds him, but Elmer responds that he thought that it would be "a gweat, big birthday surpwise" if he finally shot Bugs "after 51½ years of twying." Bugs starts losing it and neglects both Mickey and Donald's insistence on cutting. He then walks away as he tells Elmer to expect his lawyers to call him and gets struck in the face by the loose board, with the board going straight through his forehead. When Goofy asks if they can cut now, Bugs says, "You smug SON OF A ---and is then cut off.

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