We're you looking for Sonic the Hedgehog? "She will be mine...or SHE WILL BUUUUUUUuurnn!!"-Sonic Frollo.


Sonic Frollo is from an Alterverse. In this Alterverse, Sonic becomes one of the Egg Bosses for a Eggmanland version of Notre Dame. He raised the hunchback Moto Bug QuasiMoto. He was defeated due to his cockiness and fell to his death in flaming copper. He has returned in different plays, like Sonic's Fantastmic! and Tails vs Jack.


He is a speedy man, he wields a knife and a sword. In Sonic's Fantastmic!, he has shown traces of pyrokineses, and even the ability to control lighting and Mickey Mouse's dreams.


Guards: Powerful armored Mobians.

Hyenas: Only in Sonic's Fantastmic!, they are his minions after he sings "Be Prepared".

Demons: They appear in Tails vs Jack.

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