Soraya Lancaster
Background information
Feature films Star Wars: The Force Awakens (mentioned)
Television programs Star Wars Rebels
Video games Kingdom Hearts series
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Kendall Jenner
International Voice
Performance model Audrey Hepburn
Inspiration Maya
Luke Skywalker
Ahsoka Tano
James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura from Star Trek's reboot series
GoGo Tomago
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Soraya Lancaster (birth name)
Soraya Tua
Other names Street Mouse (by the Inquisitor)
Sora (by Ezra and Dagan)
Lady Phoenix
Spectre 7
Personality Sassy, rebellious, caring, reckless, clever, wise, friendly, sarcastic, fearless, optimistic, loving
Appearance Slender, beautiful, wavy/curly brunette hair, baby blue eyes, slight tan skin
Age 14
Birthday 18 BBY
Occupation Stormtrooper (briefly)
Alignment Good
Affiliations Rebel Alliance
Goal To overthrow the Galactic Empire
To rescue Dagan
To find her biological parents
Home Tatooine
Relatives Maya (ancestor)
Sora (ancestor)
Aurelia Lancaster (mother)
George Lancaster (father)
Minister Maketh Tua (adoptive mother)
Maketh Bridger (daughter)
Love Interests Dagan
Ezra Bridger
Allies Ezra Bridger, Dagan Papadopoulos, Sabine Wren, Karan Jarrus, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, Hera Syndulla, C-3PO, R2-D2, C1-10P, Minister Maketh Tua
Minions Dagan
Enemies The Inquisitor, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Maketh Tua (formerly), Cumberlayne Aresko, Agent Kallus, Charna Palpatine, Boba Fett, Erebus Zabat (ex-fiancé), Stormtroopers
Likes Ezra Bridger, Dagan, her adoptive parents, playing with the children on the streets, assisting the poor, music, singing, dancing, Sabine, Hera, infants, Wookiees, her biological parents
Dislikes The Inquisitor, any kind of discrimination, Erebus, Ezra and Dagan's arguments, Ezra using the dark side of the Force, the thought of her parents being dead, Ezra and Dagan fighting over her
Powers and abilities Martial arts
Weapons Lightsaber
Fate TBA (Star Wars Rebels)
Sacrificed herself to hide from Kylo Ren (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
Quote "I have a lightsaber right in my hand and I'm not afraid to use it!"
You'll make an amazing Jedi.
―Mayora to Ezra

Soraya Lancaster is a character in Star Wars Rebels. She is the fearless and fiery daughter of two equally passionate Jedi, George and Aurelia Lancaster, who were captured by the notorious Galactic Empire for triggering a riot on Lothal and assassination. After their disappearance, she was taken in by a former friend of her father's and was trained by her to be the next Minister of Lothal.

She is voiced by Kendall Jenner.


Official Disney Bio

"Soraya is the sassy adoptive daughter of the strict Minister Tua. She may look like a self-absorbed snob, but like Ezra, she's a feisty, street-smart teenage rebel who learns from years of experience on the streets."

Physical Appearance

Soraya is a slender and beautiful teenage girl with shoulder-length brunette hair that is between wavy and curly, baby blue eyes which is inherited through her ancestor, light tan skin, and full light pink lips. Her main (and notably favorite) outfit is a white dress that was sliced at the knees and a black corset that once belonged to her mother during her teenage years.

In her Queen attire, she wears a crown of pink roses on her head, golden teardrop-shaped earrings, a magenta choker, and short silver laced gloves. For her dress, it is an ankle-length white dress with sparkly off-the-shoulder purple sleeves that are see-through and outlined with a golden trim. There is also a yellow rose on the center of the sleeves and on the top of the dress. Additionally, Mayora wears a pair of white ballet shoes along with light blue eyeshadow and light pink lipstick.


Mayora, like most of her troublemaking friends, is reckless and is willing to fight against the malevolent Galactic Empire. She is also sassy and cynical, which explains her tendency to insult her opponents and making snarky, sarcastic comments. But, beneath her rude exterior lies a more sweet and gentle nature. She has a heart pure as gold and has the courage to stand up to her enemies. Not only is she friendly and irresponsible, she is a bit shy and sometimes conceals her emotions.

Powers and Abilities



George Lancaster

Aurelia Lancaster

Minister Maketh Tua

When Soraya was four-years-old, her parents were captured by the Empire for an assassination attempt.

At the time of Tua's demise, Soraya tearfully reveals that she still loves her adoptive mother.



Very strong in you, the force is.
―Yoda to Soraya

Ahsoka Tano

Princess Leia Organa

Dagan Papadopoulos

Ezra Bridger

When Ezra had met Soraya for the first time, they disliked each other.

Sabine Wren


Hera Syndulla

Karan Jarrus

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios


Erebus Zabat

The Inquisitor

Darth Vader

Cumberlayne Aresko

Agent Kallus

Boba Fett

Charna Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine

Kylo Ren


  • "Hey, nerd! What're you doing?"
  • "Ezra...? Is that a girl's name or what?"
  • "Look, nimrod. I think it's best that you get out of my room before my mom shows up. She hates rebels."
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens



  • Soraya is the second Disney Heroine to wear a corset after Aurora.
  • Since she kissed Ezra after her coronation, it is implied that the two start dating after the series finale.
  • Her coronation dress takes inspiration from many Disney Heroines such as those of AnnaSnow White, and Belle.
  • Mayora is one of the many Disney characters to be based on a Star Trek character.
  • Her name is Persian for "jewel".

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