Here's the transcript for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Mobile.


[We open in on Merlin looking through his papers. He notices the viewer and puts his papers down on a pedestal]

Merlin: Oh! Good a new recruit! I suppose then you'll want to know what's going on.

[We zoom in on the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom.]

Hades: Boys, I'm thinking it's time for a change of atmosphere. [We open in on Hades' office] Maybe nice summer place.

Pain: You coud use a little sun, boss.

Hades: Which is why I got my eye on this charming little kingdom.

[We see the Cinderella Castle.]

Hades: The charming part can be fixed [The castle turns green. A wall of thorns covers the screen] but otherwise, it's got a little garden feel. [The castle and thorns are lit on fire leaving behind its burnt remains] Just redecorate maybe add some new drapes and hey, why not?

[Cut back to Hades' office. Hades is holding a miniturized version of the castle in the palm of his hand]

Hades: But, best of all, we can get it for a steal! [He squeezes the miniature castle and it disappears in a cloud of smoke] The only problem, minor roadblock really.

[A block of stone falls on the screen and shatters into a statue of Merlin holding a safe]

Hades: Is this wizard, Merlin. He's got a security system: The Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. [The safe turns into the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. The crystal shows Pain and Panic playing patty cake] Word is, it can defeat any evil so, I need you boys to steal it for me.

[Merlin is asleep in his chair. Pain and Panic steal the crystal on top of his shelf. Merlin wakes up. Pain and Panic run off with the crystal. Merlin gets up and takes out his wand]

Merlin: Stop! Scoundrel! [He waves his wand shattering the crystal. Pain and Panic are sucked into a portal in the floor.]

Hades: This was supposed to be easy! You get the crystal in and out ba-boom! We take over the Magic Kingdom.

[A model of the Cinderella Castle sits on Hades' table. We see the shards of the crystal floating by its holder]

Hades: But now, if Merlin finds those pieces and puts them back togeter [The crystal is reassembled] Then we're through! [Hades holds up Pain and Panic] Okay, we can adjust. [He puts them down] I got it!

[He pulls out twenty cards with Yzma, Turbo, Scar, Gaston, Govenor Ratcliffe, Captain Gantu, Randall, Jafar, Tamatoa, Ursula, Bellwether, Chernabog, Mother Gothel, DOR-15, Dr. Facilier, Prince John, Cruella de Vil, Shere Khan, Maleficent and Hans on them]

Hades: I'll get myself some real nasty bad guys, [He holds up a card with the remaining crystal pieces on it] we find the crystal pieces before Merlin and how do you do, we're livin' on easy street! Or Main Street. Whatever. 

[Zoom out of the crystal.]

Merlin: Four pieces of the crystal remain lost. I need your help to find those shards and stop Hades' villains from taking over!

Episode 1: Cruella de Vil


[Merlin is on a Main Street Trolley dressed in a blue suit and top hat.]

Merlin: Oh good! Not a moment too soon, Sorcerer.

[He blasts some magic at an off-screen enemy]

Merlin: I've recovered a portion of the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. But, Hades' minions are in hot persuit.

[He ducks from a blast of magic]

Merlin: Contact Pongo, and I'll check in with you as soon as I can. [He blasts more magic the enemy's way]

[Cut to a gallery. Pongo is outside. We zoom in on Pongo]

Pongo: [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) What? You don't speak Dalmatian? Well, uh, maybe a spell will help sort this out.

[Merlin's magic zaps a picture in the gallery. Zoom in on a picture of Pongo, Perdita and their puppies walking]

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Yes, Pongo.

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Henchmen chasing you.

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Got away but, Perdita and all 101 puppies in hiding. [We see a picture of Cruella de Vil's car] Oh dear. [We see an animated picture of Cruella driving] It's that terrible Cruella de Vil!

Cruella: You idiots! I don't care if you have to break into every house in this miserable town. Find me those puppies!

[We see a still picture of her yelling at Horace and Jasper]

Cruella: I'll have them for my Dalmatian fur coat, [We see a picture of a frightened Horace and Jasper with Hades dressed in a coat and bowler hat hiding in the shadows behind them] or it'll be your hides instead of theirs!

[The camera zooms in on Hades' picture which is illuminated]

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Pongo says, Cruella's arrival caught the attention of Boss Teal. [We see a picture of Hades and Cruella meeting] Also known as Hades. [We see a picture of "Boss Teal"'s business card]

Hades: (Off-Screen) Name's Teal, Underworld Crime Boss. [We see another picture of Hades] Overheard your little pep talk: [We see another picture of Cruella] threats, insults, break-ins. Very inspirational. [A picture of Main Street is shown. Main Street is then engulfed in blue flames] So, seeing as I'm taking over this town, I'd like to make you an offer.

[A sign with the words "Big Offer!" appears on the Main Street picture. We then see an animated picture of Hades]

Hades: Help me "acquire" Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom, [We see a picture of a worried Pongo] and I'll give you those Dalmatians.

[A picture of Cruella and Hades plotting over a picture of Main Street is shown]

Merlin: Oh, dear! [Zoom in on the picture of Main Street which animates with fireworks] They're plotting to steal the crystal piece under cover of the fireworks show. [A picture of Pongo, Perdita and their puppies is shown.] You've got to stop Cruella and her men! [The camera zooms out of the gallery]

Pongo: [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Pongo will guide you, and I will pop in between battles to translate.

Sorcerer's Crest: Horace and Jasper's Truck

[We see Jasper and Horace driving their truck]

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Oh, no! Pongo called on the local dogs to help guard the Crystal, but now they're threatened by Cruella's henchmen.

Horace: You don't think those mutts is in cahoots with this Merlin bloke, do you?

Jasper: (Sarcasticslly) Oh sure. And Boss Teal is the Lord of the Dead hisself. You just let me do the thinking and we'll snatch that Crystal before you can say "Bob's your uncle."

Horace: But he's our cousin

Jasper: Just keep an eye out for those dogs.

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Oh Heavens! You've got to stop those fiends from harming the dogs. Quickly, use the Sorcerer's Crest! It's on the back of your spell cards.

[After the player uses the Crest, the truck explodes causing Jasper to lose his hat]

Jasper: Blimey! Those dogs is getting vicious.

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Right, Pongo. Nice work slowing the ruffians down, Sorcerer. That should buy you some time to stop their plan.

Battle: Jasper

[We see Jasper at a barn with some crates of fireworks setting a snare for the dogs]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Oh, I don't like the looks of this.

Jasper: Only a few more strays to catch. [He takes a bone out of his jacket and places it in the trap. He chuckles evilly and then notices the player] Blimey! Oh. You're one of Merlin's gang, eh? I ain't fallin' for any of your magic tricks, I'm not.

[He throws a flare at the player. After the player defeats him, he is stuck in a barrel]

Jasper: Hey, is this one of those escape illusions?

[He walks right into the trap and is hoisted away as he screams]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Great work! Oh. Only Jasper and Horace already have some of the town dogs locked in those stables. Pongo's gone to help. You've got to save them!

Sorcerer's Crest: Horace

[We see Hades and Cruella in a kennel]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Bad news, Sorcerer. I'm afraid Pongo's been snatched up by Cruella and her hoodlums. You've got to do something!

Cruella: We couldn't even get near the Crystal what with these dreadful beasts.

Hades: Yeah, not a dog lover. I get that. But, hey, looks like your little kennel here fixes the pooch problem. So let's talk plans for tonight's "show." Walk with me. [He looks down] Eh, carefully. [He walks away. Cruella follows]

Cruella: Horace, get rid of those wretched animals!

[An injured Horace walks in holding a piece of wood threateningly, gives the dogs an evil look]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) You've got to free the dogs! Use the Sorcerer's Crest. Remember on the back of your spell cards. Yes... yes... hurry!

[After the player uses the Crest, the cages open and the puppies pounce on Horace.]

Horace: Help! [Pongo pops up]

Pongo: [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Oh! Down boy. Down. Thank goodness you're all right. Good show, Sorcerer! Unfortunately, you've yet to face Cruella. Stop Cruella, before it's too late!

Final Battle: Cruella

[We see Cruella breaking into a vault]

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Blast it all! You're right, Pongo. She's broken into my secret vault on Main Street! Cruella must be stopped! [Cruella turns on a light]

Cruella: Boss Teal's little fireworks display should make it all too easy to lay hold of that Crystal. Then those Dalmatians will finally be mine! [She notices the player] Oh, please, darling. Why, there's about as much chance of you stopping me with your parlor tricks [She takes a top hat from a nearby shelf] as there is of me puling a rabbit from this hat.

[She does indeed  pull a rabbit out from the hat. She puts the rabbit back in the hat and throws a gold bomb at the player. She puts the hat down and continues rummaging through the vault. After the payer defeats her, she grabs something from the vault.]

Cruella: You don't stand a chance now that I have the power of... [She notices what she's holding] A chew toy? [She squeezes it and it squeaks. The vault opens to reveal a number of chew toys. She screams in anger] Outsmarted by dogs?! No! No. [She cries]

Pongo: (Off-Screen) [Barking]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Quite right, Pongo. Now's your chance, Sorcerer. Use a spell card and finish her off!

[Cruella screams as the player uses their final spell. Cruella's hair is frizzy and her coat falls apart]

Cruella: No! [She jumps up and down in a tantrum] Look what you've done to my beautiful fur coat! [She falls through the floor screaming. She lands with a crash. Hades walks in]

Hades: Cruella! Heard you shouting. What, was that the signal? [He notices the place] Whoa! Look what you've done to the place, huh? The chaos, the destruction. Nice touch. Anyway, the little fireworks diversion is working like a charm. So let's have that Crystal. What do you say? Hello? Anybody?

Cruella: (Off-Screen) Get me out of here, you idiot!

[Hades loses his temper and fire shoots out of the windows, door and chimmney of Merlin's secret vault. Merlin is back at the gallery]

Merlin: Well done, Sorcerer! [The camera zooms into a picture of Perdita and the puppies switching the Crystal piece with chew toys] Thanks to you, Perdita and the puppies had just enough time to switch the chew toys for the Crystal piece [We see a picture of Cruella] before Cruella got here. [We see the same picture of Pongo, Perdita and the puppies walking] Now the Dalmatian and the Crystal are safe from Cruella. [We see a picture of Hades in his "Boss Teal" disguise] Unfortunately, Hades is still recruiting villains to help him overrun the Magic Kingdom. [The camera zooms out of the gallery] We could always use more help if you're able.

Episode 2: Yzma


[Merlin is dressed as a tourist in The Enchanted Tiki Room. He ducks behind a totem pole as a blast of magic almost hits him scaring one of the parrots. He blasts more magic at his off-screen opponent]

Merlin: Oh! You're just in time, Sorcerer! I'm sorry I can't join you. [He ducks from a blast of magic once again scaring the parrot] However, Emperor Kuzco can advise you in my absence. Be careful! [He ducks behind the totem pole as another blast of magic comes. We see Kuzco relaxing on his throne behind a chart of pictures of Yzma, Hades, Kronk, an Alpaca Guard and Merlin]

Kuzco: So, here's the deal. Yzma's got another evil plan, and it's up to us to stop her. [We see a picture of Hades] Okay, so the not so nice blue guy is helping Yzma. [We see a picture of Yzma] Evil villain team-up. [We see a picture of Hades and Yzma high-fiving] Why is that important? [We see pictures of Merlin, the Alpaca Guard and Kronk shrugging] Oh, right. It might affect [We see a picture of Kuzco's face] ME!

Yzma: KRONK! [Kronk gives her his attention. We see "Lazuli"] Lazuli, Lord of the Underworld, has offered me another chance at power. [We see a picture of the Crystal] If I find the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom, he'll make me [We see a picture of Yzma sitting on a throne under a sign that says "YzmaLand."] Empress of Adventureland! Ha ha!

[We see a picture of Kronk by his oven holding a souffle]

Kronk: (Off-Screen) So, what about the whole poison souffle plan?

[We see a picture of Kuzco about to eat said souffle]

Yzma: (Off-Screen) We'll kill Kuzco later. [The souffle disappears making the picture of Kuzco sad] Get me the left-over animal transformation potions. [We see a picture of the potions] I'm going to steal that Crystal by turning everyone into... [We see a picture of villagers transforming into alpacas] Alpacas!! Ha ha! [We see a picture of a sweater] And make some nice sweaters too. [We see a picture of Kuzco's head]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Okay. You hear that? [We see the picture of Kuzco's head die and a sweater] Killing and sweaters? [Back to Kuzco on his throne] That's not good. So, you're going to need to, you know, take care of them. I'll be here supervising.

Battle: Alpaca Guard

[We see a palace guard at the secret lab entrance with a cup of tea]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Looks like Yzma's giving her potion a trial run. So, ah, you're gonna have to deal with this guy.

[The guard is reluctant to drink the tea]

Yzma: (Off-Screen) Go ahead.

Kronk: (Off-Screen) Yeah, there's nothing in it. It, meaning tea. Not anything bad.

[The guard drinks the tea and transforms into an alpaca]

Yzma: (Off-Screen) Ha ha! It still works!

[The Alpaca Guard notices the player, gets up in a fighting stance and spits at the player. After the player defeats him, he is sent flying backwards through the secret lab entrance leaving an alpaca shaped hole in the door. Off-screen, he is heard transforming back to his normal self]

Alpaca Guard: (Off-Screen) I'm human again.

Kronk: (Off-Screen) Yeah, not so much anymore.

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Nice work. Let's see if you can stop Kronk from using Yzma's potion now. And I'm still gonna supervise. You can thank me later.

Sorcerer's Crest: Kronk's Food Stand

[We see Kronk and his shoulder angel debating on whether to pour a potion on a skewer]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Hey, just in time. You're gonna wanna stop Sweater Man, here from peddling his suspicious snacks.

Kronk's Shoulder Angel: Seems a shame.

Kronk: Yeah, the potion could really spoil that wonderful tartness in the mango chipotle dipping sauce.

[Hades appears on Kronk's other shoulder]

Hades: What, are you kidding me? Pour the potion on the skewers already. Then, find my Crystal, or your boss doesn't get the Empress gig. Capisce? It'll taste fine.

[Kronk's Shoulder Angel and Hades disappear. Kronk continues his decision]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) [Screams] Oh, no! Kronk's gonna turn everyone into alpacas! You've got to save the children and all the baby animals and the pineapples from this terrible, horrible tragedy!!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) You can stop him with the magic of the Sorcerer's Crest. The symbol located on the back of your spell cards. Quickly, before it's too late!

[After the player uses the Crest, Kronk's stand is destroyed. Kronk gets in a defensive stance using his skewer as a weapon]

Kronk: No doubt a devious sorcerer attack. Probably after my recipe. [He takes a bite of the skewer] Blackened Fruit Kabobs! This could be a whole new direction. [He continues his defensive stance]

Battle: Kronk

[We see Kronk in his kitchen putting the finishing touches on a dish. He pours the alpaca potion on it and lights it on fire]

Kronk: A nice pupu platter with a lovely alpaca potion glaze. This ought to be popular with Yzma's targets. [He notices the player] Hey, how'd you get in here? Sorry, but, uh. Yzma really wants me to stop anyone who tries to interfere with her evil plans. [He picks up one of the flaming pupus] No hard feelings, I hope. [He throws it at the player. After the player defeats him, he appears to be unharmed] Ha! You missed! [His pots fall on him. He gets up and another pot falls] Uh-oh... [He falls through the floor. A timer bell rings] Another batch of pupus are done!

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) I think he's done. Unfortunately, that's only the appetizer. You've still got the main course to go. Which is old and rotten. I'm talking about Yzma. You see what I did there?

Final Battle: Yzma

[We see Yzma in her lab]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Okay. Final showdown! Oh, I can't watch! Mostly because of the nightmares I get from looking at Yzma.

Yzma: Ha ha! How foolish of you, Sorcerer to disturb me in my lair. This lair is full of potions that can drain you of your magic powers and other potions that can transform you into harmless animals! [She laughs evilly and throws a potion at the player. She continues to mix potions.] This next potion will make that Sorcerer rue the day. [After the player defeats her, she is woozy and her feather headress and collar are ruffled] OK, we'll call it a draw. [She passes out]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Hey, you beat her! [Yzma gets back up with another potion. Kuzco screams] She' back! The ancient, nightmarish, unspeakable force of evil!

Yzma: This is my most powerful potion yet! I will be empress! [She catches her breath]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) No, see we're trying to avoid that. Quick, cast a spell and finish her off!

Yzma: Hang on. Just catching my breath. [After the player defeats her, she is turned into a white sweater with a purple collar with lilac ruffles on the shoulders and a pink hem]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) You know, when I pictured you as Empress, you were a lot less itchy.  [Sweater Yzma turns around angrily revealing her eyes on the chest. There's a knock at the door]

Hades: (Off-Screen) Yzma, how's my favorite Empress-to-be? So, where's my Crystal. [He notices her transformation]

Kuzco: (Off-Screen) Whoa! Why don't we give that guy a little privacy [Hades' flaming hair turns orange] while he tries on his new turtleneck. In the stopped Yzma. [Back in the Enchanted Tiki Room, Merlin dusts himself off] Hey, my man! Yeah. I got the job done for you. [He leans against the totem pole drinking from a coconut]

Merlin: Splendid. Although, I believe credit goes to our Sorcerer here. The Crystal is safe from Yzma thanks to your good work. But, I'm afraid Hades' villains still threaten the Kingdom. If you've got the time, we could use more help.

Episode 3: Dr. Facilier


[We see Merlin on the Liberty Square Riverboat dressed in a boater hat and suit leaning against a railing with some cards. He notices the player making the cards fly out of his hands. He quickly gathers them]

Merlin: Oh! The riverboat is crawling with Hades' imps looking to steal my spell cards. Guard yours carefully. [He tucks one card in his sleeve and the rest under his hat] I'm afraid I may be a while, so Mama Odie, a fellow mystic will guide you in my place.

[We see Mama Odie stirring her bathtub gumbo. She takes out what appears to be the Crystal]

Mama Odie: Well, here it is, child. Y'all been wanting that magic Crystal, right? [She laughs and tosses it off to the side] I'm just messing with you. [She continues to stir the gumbo] Gumbo, gumbo, in the pot. We need a Crystal. Whatcha got? [In the gumbo, we see a shard of the crystal and it shatters. Dr. Facilier's shadow appears] Oh, some bad boy been messing around and brought the Shadow Man back!

[We see Hades standing over the River of Souls]

Hades: Tough career choice, I know. Keep your gig as Jester in the River of Souls here or go back and be the King of the Mardi Gras. But, just one condition on that King offer. You gotta bring me the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom.

[We see Dr. Facilier back in his Voodoo Emporium with his Shadow Demons]

Dr. Facilier: A Crystal of great power, my friends! So, I got a little proposition for y'all. Help me find it and you'll have all the wayward souls your dark hearts desire. [We see a newspaper with a picture Tiana's Palace on the front and the headline "Tiana's Palace Opens Tonight!"] Meantime, I've got a little score to settle [He laughs evilly. We cut back to Mama Odie in her chair]

Mama Odie: Watch out! Shadow Man gonna use his magic potions to take over!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Sorcerer, you must stop Dr. Facilier from taking over and recovering a piece of the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. [Mama Odie zaps the screen with her wand]

Battle: Lawrence

[We see Lawrence in the kitchen of Tiana's Palace with a vial]

Louis: (Off-Screen) Mama, the Shadow Man done busted Lawrence out of jail!

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Oh, that's bad news, Louis. He's gonna try and slip the potion into Tiana's gumbo. Get a taste of that and the Shadows will come and get you!

Lawrence: Nearly everyone dines at Princess Tiana's restaurant and once they sample this, they'll be under the control of the Shadow Man's spell for good! Or, should I say, for evil. [He laughs and notices the player] Good Heavens! I must warn you, I'm trained in the use of the Shadow Man's magic. [He takes something out of his jacket] On your guard! [He throws magic powder at the player. After the player defeats him, he falls back into the kitchen. He walks out with a catfish on his head and a pot on his foot.] It's that Shadow Man who broke me out of prison. He's to blame! [He falls into the river]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) [Giggles] That'll hush up that fool. But he done put that potion in the gumbo before you caught him. You best get to fixing that.

Battle: Shadow Demons

[We see a building with a sign of two vodoo masks on the side]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Now listen child. Lawrence slipped that potion in Tiana's gumbo and some folks ate it. Now those nasty Shadows are coming to the restaurant to fetch them. Time to shine a light on things!

[The Shadow Demons fly across the building. One notices the player]

Shadow Demon: [Shrieks. Two more Shadow Demons appear]

Dr. Facilier: (Off-Screen) All the wayward souls your dark hearts desire. [The Shadow Demon shrieks again blasting some magic at the player. After the player defeats them, they disappear. The voodoo masks fall]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) You done laid that Shadow low! [Louis' shadow appears on the side of the building]

Louis: Ooh! Mama Odie! Now the Shadow Man's got Princess Tiana! She's in trouble, and all kinds of other deep water. You've gotta do something.

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Hang on, Louis! Mama's sending help tout de suite.

Sorcerer's Crest: Tiana

[We see Tiana tied to a chair by a snake struggling at the Voodoo Emporium]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) That Shadow Man's been looking for revenge ever since Tiana sent him down. He's planning to turn her back into a frog forever!

Tiana: You know [Grunts] you can't just kidnap somebody and expect to get away with it! You let me go! [She notices the player] Psst. I do not want to be a frog again. Please, you have to help me get me out of here. But be careful! The Shadow Man's in the next room!

[In the next room, Hades appears]

Dr. Facilier: Now, now I know what you're thinking but y'all are going to get that Crystal.

Hades: Yeah, didn't you say you had your top people on it? Only, last I checked, honestly, shadows aren't people, Doc. My advice...? Quit delegating and start participating or you're all going back to "the other side." [He disappears and we go back to the room where Tiana is held]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Listen child. You have to free her and mess up that Shadow Man's potion before he takes over everything!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Quite right, madame. There's no time to spare! Use the Sorcerer's Crest. It's the symbol found on the back of your spell cards!

Tiana: Hurry, now's your chance!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Quickly! [After using the Crest, the snake disappears and Tiana is set free]

Tiana: You did it! Thank you so much! [She sneaks away. Dr. Facilier rushes in wondering what's going on. A Shadow Demon gives Facilier a bag containing the Crystal piece. He runs off]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Yee-ha, you did it! Except the Shadow Man got something he shouldn't have.

Final Battle: Dr. Facilier

[We cut to an alley]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) That Shadow Man ain't got the sense he was born with! You dig a little deeper and you'll beat him for sure!

[Dr. Facilier sneaks through the alley. He takes the Crystal out of his jacket]

Dr. Facilier: Tiana's escape is unfortunate. But once I deliver this, I'll have my revenge. [He puts the Crystal back in his jacket and chuckles evilly. He notices the player] Well, well. What do we have here? [He throws some magic at the player. After the player defeats him, he loses his hat. He has an arm full of potions] No. Please! Give a poor fellow a break. What about a little deal? I can make your dreams come true. [He pulls out a potion with a frog label on it. Louis comes on screen with his trumpet] Or all your worst nightmares! [Louis plays his trumpet loudly into Dr. Facilier's ear and leaves. Dr. Facilier covers his ears shaken.]

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Get him quick! While he's shaking! [After the player uses their final spell, Facilier drops the potion turning himself into a purple frog]

Dr. Facilier: No. I'm not ready to go back. I still got an idea how to turn this whole thing around. [A spirit-like Voodoo mask appears and swallows him taking him back into a portal to "the other side"] No! [He disappears. Louis appears and picks up the Crystal bag]

Louis: Ooh it's that Crystal y'all been looking for. I'll bring it over, Mama.

Mama Odie: (Off-Screen) Ha ha! You got the Crystal! Getting it is what you wanted, but earning it is what you needed.

Hades: Shadow man. Shadow man? Helloooo, huh, my Crystal, huh? Come on, doc. I'm a busy god. Got places to go, people to cheat.

[Back at the Liberty Square Riverboat, we see Merlin, Tiana and Mama Odie]

Merlin: Ah, there you are! Excellent work, Sorcerer! [Louis pops out from under the water]

Mama Odie: [Laughs] Mama likes your style! You got spunk!

Tiana: You sure do. I think you're the bees-knees. Thanks again.

Merlin: Hades is still recruiting villains. We can always use more help.

Episode 4: Bellwether


[We see Merlin ducking behind the Aloha Isle Refreshments stand dressed as a park employee. He blasts some magic at an unseen minion of Hades]

Merlin: Good you're here, Sorcerer! I'm afraid I can't help you now. [He ducks from a blast of magic] Hades' minions are gaining on me! However, Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde can guide you in my abscence. Good luck!

[We see Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps at the ZPD surveillance room. Judy is currently going through some security footage]

Nick Wilde: Okay, so, word on the street is [He holds up a wanted poster of Bellwether, Doug and Woolter] Little Miss Mutton and her henchmen have been busted out of the Zootopia State Pen.

Judy Hopps: Got it! You better see this for yourself.

[Zoom into one of the monitors. We see Bellwether, Doug and Woolter in prison. Hades appears in a costume resembling the Big Bad Wolf in a police uniform in front of Bellwether's cell]

Hades: Dawn Bellwether, the name's Warden B.B. Wolfe. Now, I have a little proposition for you. I'll let you and your hench-rams go free and continue your little reign of terror on the predators of Zootopia however, there's a catch. 

[Later, we see Bellwether, Doug and Woolter outside of the Zootopia Sate Penitentiary]

Bellwether: You heard Warden Wolfe, we find the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and the city is as good as mine! Doug, you get back to work on the pellets and Woolter, you offer the weasel more money. I'll find that Crystal myself!

[Zoom out of the monitors]

Nick Wilde: Ooh. Now that's not good is it?

Judy Hopps: You've gotta stop Bellwether and her minions before it's too late! Nick and I will be here to guide you though this. The city's counting on you.

Sorcerer's Crest: Duke Weaselton

[We see Duke Weaselton running from the police. He laughs evilly.]

Nick Wilde: (Off-Screen)Well, well, well if it isn't the Duke of Bootleg himself.

Judy Hopps: (Off-Screen) He's stolen more bulbs of midnicampum holicithias!

Nick Wilde: (Off-Screen) Midi-what?

Judy Hopps: (Off-Screen. Groans) Night howler bulbs!

Nick Wilde: (Off-Screen) You could've just said that, Carrots. Anyways, someone has to stop him.

Merlin: (Off-Screen) You've got to stop Duke before he escapes! Use the Sorcerer's Crest it's located on the back of your spell cards.

[After using the Crest, Duke trips and is surrounded by various ZPD officers. Officer Swinton handcuffs him]

Officer Swinton: Duke Weaselton, you're under arrest for multiple counts of thievery, video piracy and public endangerment! [She takes him off-screen to a patrol car] You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and wil be used against you in a court of law.

Duke Weaselton: (Off-Screen) Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know my rights, copper!

Nick Wilde: (Off-Screen) All right, you did it! But, that was only the second batch of night howlers he stole. We gotta get things back in order.

Battle: Doug and Woolter/Sorcerer's Crest: Night Howler Lab

[We see Doug working in his lab in the abandoned undergound subway station.]

Judy Hopps: (Off-Screen) Bad news, what we've heard from Weaselton is that Doug has fixed up his lab and is continuing production on the pellets. You've gotta stop him!

[Doug finishes creating a Night Howler Pellet. He notices the player]

Doug: What the...?! How did you get in here? So, you must be one of those Sorcerers Warden Wolfe warned us about. Well, you're not getting away this easy! [He points his gun at the player and fires a pellet at them. After the player defeats him, he is worn out.] Woolter! Take care of them! [He faints. Woolter appears and throws dirt from the mini Night Nowler Farm at the player. After the player defeats him, he too is knocked out.]

Nick Wilde: (Off-Screen) Alright, you did it! But before the little victory toot-toot, we gotta make sure that no more Night Howler pellets reach the city.

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Now's your chance, Sorcerer! You can destroy the lab with the power of the Sorcerer's Crest. Remember? It's on the back of your spell cards. [After the Crest is used, the lab is destroyed leaving Doug and Woolter blackened with several patches of their wool missing]

Judy Hopps: (Off-Screen) Well done! But, Bellwether is still on the move. We've got to take care of her!

Final Battle: Bellwether

[We see Bellwether at the Zootopia Natural History Museum tossing and catching a small pouch holding a piece of the Crystal]

Nick Wilde: (Off-Screen) This is it! Let's hope you're ready!

Judy Hopps: (Off-Screen) Good luck. You're gonna need it.

Bellwether: Finding that Crystal was as easy as framing Mayor Lionfart for my crimes. [She laughs then notices the player] Oh no, you don't! I'm not losing my rule over Zootopia again! The prey will reign supreme over predator! [She takes out a Night Howler pellet gun and shoots the player. After the player defeats her, she attempts to shoot the player again but, her gun jams. She hits it] Come on! Work, darn you!

Judy Hopps: (Off-Screen) Now's your chance! Finish her off!

[After the player uses their final spell, Bellwether looks into the barrel of the gun and hits it. A Night Howler pellet comes loose and hits her on the forehead.]

Bellwether: Oh, muttonchops. [Her pupils become rectangular and she falls to the floor]

Hades: Bellwether. Where's my Crystal! Hello? [He notices her now on all fours] Whoa! What happened to you?

Bellwether: [BleatsShe headbutts him in the leg and bleats angrily]

Hades: Hey! Hey! Easy on the merchandise!

[She chases him off. Back at the Aloha Isles Refreshments stand, we see Merlin, Judy and Nick who is enjoying a pawpsicle]

Judy Hopps: Good job! You've stopped Bellwether and her henchmen from destroying Zootopia.

Nick Wilde: Not bad for a rookie.

Merlin: Excellent work, Sorcerer! But Hades is still recruiting more villains to destroy the Magic Kingdom! If you can, we could always use more help.

Episode 5: Jafar


[Merlin pops up from a barrel in the Pirates of the Carribean dressed in a pirate hat and eyepatch.]

Merlin: Avast there, Sorcerer! [A sword is thrown at him. He ducks and blasts some magic at an unseen minion.] Hades minions are closing in. I haven't much time! [Iago flies in and perches on a lamp post. He scowls at Merlin] Genie will explain everything. We're counting on you! [He ducks in the barrel as more knives and swords are thrown at him. A blast of magic flies in causing Iago to fly away screaming. We see Genie at the palace]

Genie: Sorcerer! Alright. [He fastens multiple seatbelts] Fasten your seatbelts and I'll bring you up to speed! [He shoots off like a rocket. He appears in his game show host suit] Hades and gentlemen, welcome to the Underworld Players production of "That Villain Jafar Has Returned and He's Really Really Mad." [He appears on a puppet theater stage with a prop lamp and the treasure room of the Cave of Wonders as the background] Oh look, a lamp! [He pulls out a hand puppet of Hades. He pulls out a hand puppet of Genie Jafar. He imitates Jafar] Hey, Jafar the evil genie here to grant you...

Jafar: (Off-Screen) ...Three wishes. That's correct. You may want to start by wishing we never crossed paths.

Hades: (Off-Screen) Hmmm... No, I already got my wish list: 1) Take over this land, 2) Find the missing Crystal piece and 3) Capture Merlin. Oh right. Introductions. [We cut to the actual Cave of Wonders treasure room.] Name's Prince Azure. But you can call me Master.

Genie: (Off-Screen) And, curtain! [A curtain closes. The curtains open to reveal a Genie Times newspaper with a picture of Jafar and a headline "Jafar Free Again!"] Oh, this is bad news. That evil genie Jafar is free again and already controls this land [We see a globe and a piece of the Crystal] and a piece of the Crystal. [We see Merlin tied up] Now I can't seem to reach Merlin, either. [Cut back to the palace] We need your help to stop Jafar!

Battle: Iago

[We see Iago rummaging through his cage]

Genie: (Off-Screen) Uh oh. Looks like Polly wants the Sultan's powerful Mystic Blue Diamond ring. Hey! I got it. YOU shake him down for the lowdown on Jafar while I look for Merlin.

Iago: Okay, now where is that ring? [He finds the ring] Ah, here it is! [He puts the ring on] Magic rings go well with anything especially plans to trap Mr. Goody-Blue-Shoes in the Cave of Wonders where we hid that stupid Crystal. [He notices the player] Okay, now you see, that's not fair what with the sneaking up and all. I was really not expecting that. Kind of like you're not expecting... This! [He blasts magic from the ring at the player. After the player defeats him, his tailfeathers are ruffled] Alright. You made your point...

Jafar: (Off-Screen) Iago, I need that ring!

Iago: And me, Jafar! Don't forget your tusted assistant.

Jafar: (Off-Screen) Oh, alright. [Iago disappears in a poof of magic]

Genie: (Off-Screen) While you were going toe-to-toe with the parrot Jafar went after Merlin. The wizard's on the ropes. So I gotta get back in his corner. The Crystal piece is in the Cave of Wonders. You gotta go after it!

Battle: Snake Jafar

[We see Hades with Jafar's lamp outside the Cave of Wonders]

Genie: (Off-Screen) Uh oh. Looks like Prince Azure and that snake Jafar are blocking the entrance to the Cave of Wonders! [Jafar appears]

Jafar: The wizard Merlin is...elusive...Master. [He bows to Hades]

Hades: Well, so's your freedom until you catch him. I mean, seriously, whatever happened to "Your wish is my command, sire"?! And jeeze Louise, your clothes? How about you put a shirt on? Come on. [Jafar transforms back to his human form]

Jafar: [Laughs evilly] Oh, please. Not another feeble Sorcerer challenge. Well then. Why don't you amuse yourself... with this! [He throws his snake staff at the player. It begins to transform into a version of Jafar's snake form] While I finish with Merlin and watch your demise from a distance. [The snake snaps at the player. After the player defeats it, it dissolves into Jafar's head] You may have beaten my serpent but it's all for naught. The last defenses of this kingdom are aboout to fall! [He laughs evilly]

Genie: Good work charming that snake, sahib. Unfortunately Jafar's captured Merlin. We're running out of time!

Sorcerer's Crest: Merlin

[We see a magical portal]

Genie: (Off-Screen) Merlin's locked up. But found a way to signal us. I'll open a little old portal at his location...Now! OK while I deal with the guards, you make a jailbreak! Ready! Break! [The portal opens to reveal Merlin in a cramped space]

Merlin: Genie's right. [We see Merlin's hand and his wand sticking out of the lamp] This lamp really is an itty-bitty living space. [He waves his wand shrinking himself down. He dusts himself off] Thankfully, you heard my distress spell! It's about all I could muster after my battle with Jafar. [He straightens his hat.] The villain caught me off guard, I'm afraid. But, I did weaken him. Now, I need your help to break out of this miniature prison. [We hear Genie fighting] Oh, dear! Sounds like Genie's in trouble out there. Use the Sorcerer's Crest. It's the symbol on the back of your spell cards and release me from this prison. There's not a moment to lose! [After the Crest is used, Merlin shoots out of the lamp]

Genie: (Off-ScreenOh, nice work, Sorcerer! Ooh! Only it looks like we're out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Final Battle: Jafar

[We see Jafar back in the Cave of Wonders magically holding Merlin upside down above a chest]

Genie: (Off-Screen) Listen up, soldiers get out there and if you play your cards right, we might just beat Jafar. [Jafar takes a bag with the Crystal piece]

Jafar: Looking for this Crystal shard, are we? Well, I'm afraid you're out of luck [He poofs it away and laughs] My, aren't we persistent. [He lets Merlin go and locks him in the chest] No matter. Once Iago steals my lamp back from that fool Prince Azure, he has but to wish me free and then I answer to no one!

Genie: (Off-Screen) Cast a spell!

Jafar: This should quiet you Genie! [He zaps Genie whose speech is muffled. Jafar notice the player] You again?!! [He zaps the player. After the player defeats him, he loses his hat]

Iago: I swiped the lamp from that stupid Prince Azure. Where do you...? [He notices Jafar's bald head] Whoa, your head! Ugh, I'm blinded! [Jafar puts his hat back on. Merlin pops out of the chest and zaps Iago. Iago flies away] Yowwwwch!

[Jafar zaps some magic at Merlin but Merlin dodges. Jafar laughs evilly. The two sorcerers continue to zap and dodge each others attacks]

Merlin: The lamp, Sorcerer! Use one of your spell cards to hit it. Any one of them will do. [Jafar zaps Merlin and laughs. After the player casts their final spell, the lamp falls into Merlin's hands. Merlin rubs the lamp turning Jafar back into his genie form and sucking him back into the lamp] Whew! That was much too close! [Genie bound and gagged to a chair hops on screen breaks free from his restraints]

Genie: Oh. You did it! [He kisses the screen] Oh, I'm tingly all over. [He tingles]

Hades: (Off-Screen) Jafar?! Are you in there... [Merlin and Genie poof away] Hello?

[We are back at the palace]

Merlin: Sorcerer, you saved the day. And now Jafar is in no position to give Hades that shard from the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. Hades is still recruiting other villains to his foul plan. We could still use some help.

Episode 6: Scar


[We see Merlin on the Jungle Cruise in a Skipper's hat steering the boat. An off-screen minion zaps him. He ducks]

Merlin: Glad you could join us, Sorcerer. Hades set an ambush for me you see. So I'm afraid I won't be able to help you. [Merlin ducks as a minion zaps him] Rafiki, will guide you in my stead. Good luck! [We cut to inside of Rafiki's tree. Rafiki pops out and laughs.]

Rafiki: There you are! Asante sana , squash banana... [He takes apart a friut and smears its juices on the screen. We see the Circle of Life below Scar and two hyenas in the form of one of Rafiki's drawings] Scar has returned in spite of his big fall. This is a very dark trick. It breaks the Circle of Life. [We see Hades also drawn in Rafiki's style] Only one who is also broken could do this! You see? [We see another drawing of Hades which then wipes to Scar's lair in the Elephant Graveyard]

Hades: Here's the proposition, my furry friend. Help me take over this place and find me Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and I will let you live forever. [We see a drawing of Scar standing on a rock]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) So Scar returned...

Scar: And this time nothing can harm me. So if you wish to escape my wrath you will obey me. Stampede the elephants and crush all who would stand in my way! [The drawing wipes away to Scar] When I find the Crystal, I shall be King... [He wipes back into a drawing] ...forever! [Rafiki wipes away the drawing]

Rafiki: You, must stop Scar. Fix this broken circle. [He jumps back into the treetop laughing. He hits the player with his stick]

Battle: Banzai

[We see a rock formation]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) Ahhhh. There is much dark magic here. And Scar has shared it with the hyenas! You must stop them. [An elephant is heard trumpeting. It whacks Banzai onscreen. He coughs]

Banzai: Ugh, man. Elephants are not easy to scare. If it weren't for Scar's whole invincibility thing, there's no way I'd be taking orders from him again. [He notices the player] Hey. You're one of those guys Scar warned us about! [He growls at the player and zaps them with magic from his mouth. He coughs and scratches his ear. After the player defeats him, he is woozy with a black eye.] I'm just gonna lie down for a minute... [He passes out]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) Ha-hahaha! You did it! Now you must catch up to Scar. There is still a way to stop him and put things right.

Sorcerer's Crest: Tree

[We see Scar adresssing the Hyenas in a barren field]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) Scar is getting closer. But the lion, he tricked the hyenas. They are not so smart. You must show them the truth.

Scar: Starting an elephant stampede. Such a small task. Yet somehow beyond you fools. I seem to be the only one around here capable of doing anything right?! [The camera pans out to Scar under a tree]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) The hyenas think Scar cannot be beaten. Show them!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Use the Sorcerer's Crest. The symbol on the back of your spell cards. It contains powerful magic. Uh, that's it... Hurry, hurry! [After using the Crest, a branch hits Scar on the head. He falls down]

Shenzi: Hey! You're not invincible! Why, you lying, mangy, no good, wanna-be king of the Savannah! We are out of here! [Rafiki laughs]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) Good work! Scar will disappear here. But you can follow him to another place and face the lion.

Battle: Scar

[We see Scar and Hades back in the Elephant Graveyard lair]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) The hyenas have fled, yes! Haha! But Scar seeks another's help. You must stop him before it is too late!

Scar: Surely you can appriciate if I am to rule this Land, I must be more powerful than my brother. Mufasa.

Hades: What I can appriciate is you keeping your part of the bargin. So, get those elephants moving and bring me that Crystal [His flames turn orange] or our deal is off! [He disappears. Scar notices the player]

Scar: Ah, there you are. You certainly proved your skill against that tree branch. Unfortunately, this time you have to contend with ME! [He claws at the player. After the player casts their spell, he is on the ground groaning and rubbing his head. Hades appears]

Hades:  Late night stealing the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom I hope...? Because you better not be raining on my parade here. [Scar groans] Hmmm... Time for a little Underworld pick-me-up again. [He snaps his fingers evaporating Scar.]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) You bested him, my friend! Haha! But, what goes away sometimes comes around again. Be watchful.

Final Battle: Scar-Cloud

[We see Hades out in a field]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) Haha! There is no time to lose! A dark power has made Scar a mighty storm. Only a good power can stop him. Like you!

[Hades raises the evaporated Scar into the sky and laughs evilly. Scar is now a cloud]

Scar: I have only one bit of advice for you. RUN! [He zaps the player with lightning. After the player casts their spell, he is unharmed] Back away or my lightning will stampede the elephants below.

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) Ah. That Scar is a tricky one. But old Rafiki already sent the elephants home. [He laughs] Now. Blow that storm away!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Use any of your spell cards, Sorcerer and finish Scar! [Scar zaps the player again. After the player uses their final spell, Scar fades away much to Hades shock]

Scar: NOOOOOO!!! [Hades facepalms]

Hade: Great! But did he listen? No. He wants to be a cloud. Who's afraid of a cloud?!! [He yells in frustration. Rafiki laughs]

Rafiki: (Off-Screen) No time to put out that fire just yet! But you beat Scar! You did it! [Laughs. We cut back to Merlin whose Jungle Cruise boat is wrecked.]

Merlin: Very well done! Congratulations, Sorcerer! [He laughs. Rafiki hops on board the boat] Unfortunately Hades still has other villains afoot. You know, I could always  use your help again if you can spare the time. [He waves goodbye]

Episode 7: Tamatoa


[Merlin is on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. An unseen foe zaps him but he ducks]

Merlin: Glad you could make it, Sorcerer! [He zaps the off-screen enemy] Unfortunately, Hades' minions are close by so, I won't be able to help you. I've already summoned the spirit of Gramma Tala, another fellow mystic from the afterlife. She should be able to guide you.

[We see a ghostly manta ray appear on the beach of Motunui. It transforms into Gramma Tala]

Gramma Tala: You have heard the legend of how my granddaughter, Moana [In the style of Moana's tapestry prologue, we see Moana and Heihei sailing on her boat] sailed the ocean, teamed up with the demigod Maui [We see Maui meeting Moana], defeated the monsters of the sea [We see the Kakamora ships crashing and Tamatoa being flipped over by a geyser] and restored the Heart of Te Fiti [We see Te Kā transforming back into Te Fiti] saving her island. [We see Hades pushing Tamatoa] But the giant crab Tamatoa has made a deal with a much darker force. [We see Hades]

Hades: Alright, now that I've got you back on your...feet. I have a little proposition for you. [The scene wipes to Hades being held up by Tamatoa's claw] Help me find Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and we'll be even.

Tamatoa: No, no, no. It's gonna take a lot more than pushing me upright to get me to work for you.

Hades: [His flames turn orange] WHAT?!! [His flames turn blue] Okay, fine. What is it you want exactly?

Tamatoa: The Heart of Te Fiti. A powerful gem that gives its user, the power of creation!

Hades: Fine, fine, fine. I'll get you this Heart of Te Fiti and you get me the Crystal, capisce? [He holds his hand out]

Tamatoa: It's a deal. [They shake on it. Hades disappears] This Crystal of the Magic Kingdom sounds like a powerful object to me. With the powers of the Crystal and the Heart of Te Fiti, I'll be unstoppable. And they'll be perfect additions to my collection. [The scene turns into a tapestry and we cut back to Gramma Tala's spirit]

Gramma Tala: With the combined powers of the two artifacts, Tamatoa will stop at nothing before the world is destroyed. Moana and Maui have already left to stop him. You must help them out!

Battle: Kakamora

[We see Moana and Maui sailing]

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) It looks like my granddaughter and Maui are off to a good start on their voyage but, knowing what is going on I believe danger may be coming their way.

Maui: So, we just fight Tamatoa and this dark force, restore the Heart of Te Fiti once again and the day is saved.

Moana: You know this dark force may be the God of Death himself, right?

Maui: We'll just play it by ear.

[The sound of drumming is heard as a shadow falls over Moana and Maui's boat. Spears and ropes appear. Some Kakamora appear. Moana fends them off with her oar.]

Moana: Not these guys, again!


[Maui fights off some of the Kakamora with his fish hook.The Kakamora Chief and two Kakamora Blowgunners appear. The Chief points his spear at the player and the Blowgunners shoot darts at them. After the player casts their spell, the coconut pirates are blasted overboard. The spears and ropes disattach from the boat.]

Moana: Well, that takes care of that.

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) Well done, Sorcerer! But, there is still more danger ahead.

Sorcerer's Crest: The Heart of Te Fiti

[We see a jungle]

Gramma Tala: Terrible news! Te Fiti's heart has been stolen again from its resting place. You must stop whoever or whatever stole it! Luckily Maui has arrived to help you out.

[Pain and Panic emerge from the foliage. Panic smacks a mosquito on his neck]

Panic: Yuck! Darn bugs.

Pain: Well, it took us a while but, we got the heart!

Maui: (Off-Screen) Hey, imps! [Pain and Panic look up. The camera zooms out to reveal Maui in his shark head form] Shark head! CHEEHOO! [He turns into a beetle and flies around the two imps. The two attempt to swat him]

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Quickly, while they're distracted, use the Sorcerer's Crest! Remember on the back of your spell cards?

[After the player uses the Crest, Pain and Panic are lifted and thrown off the island by Maui in his hawk form. The Heart of Te Fiti lands on the grass. The island starts to rumble and turn black]

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) You've done it! But I'm afraid you're too late.

Battle/Sorcerer's Crest: Te Kā

[Te Kā emerges from the sea and roars at the player]

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) Because the two monsters have stolen the Heart, Te Kā has returned! You must stop her and restore the heart. [Te Kā screeches at the player and throws lava at them. After the player defeats her, she is now weary.] Now's your chance to return her back to normal! 

Merlin: (Off-Screen) There's no time to spare! Use the Sorcerer's Crest. It's the symbol found on the back of your spell cards! [After using the Crest, the lava demon hardens and cracks open restoring her back to Te Fiti. Ocean brings Moana and Maui up to her. The two bow to her. Te Fiti gives them a look of thanks. She looks over at Maui and gives him a "What did you do this time?" look.]

Maui: Just hear me out. Word broke out that possibly the God of Death teamed up with Tamatoa to steal your heart and another powerful artifact. Luckily, we were able to get the heart back.

Moana: So, if you can, we need to go back to Lalotai to stop him  [Te Fiti gives them a look of understanding. Moana and Maui disappear in a flash of light. The two are at the Lalotai entrance. They jump in]

Maui: CHEEHOO!!!

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) The world is safe from Te Kā's wrath once again! But, there is still more danger in store.

Final Battle: Tamatoa

[We see an angry Hades at Tamatoa's lair being held up by Tamatoa's claw]

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) It appears Hades has made it to Lalotai. Be wary of your environment, Sorcerer.

Hades: I'VE GIVEN YOU ONE JOB!!! ONE JOB!!! Find the Crystal piece and give it to me! 

Tamatoa: Yes, well asked for the Heart of Te Fiti and where is it now?

Hades: Look, my minions tried until some shark-headed thing showed up, turned into a hawk and threw them off the island! Now give me my Crystal!

Tamatoa: Well, since you couldn't keep your end of the bargin, [He holds up the Crystal piece] I'm keeping this for myself.

[Hades turns red and his flames turn orange]

Hades: WHAT?!?! You can't do this to me! Just who do you think you're talking to?! [Tamatoa slaps him away. Tamatoa notices the player]

Tamatoa: So, you must be this so called "Sorcerer" that Hades has been talking about. Well, with the power of the Crystal, [He bumps a rock turning his lair dark and he glows] you'll never get past the likes of me! [He blasts the player with magic. After the player casts their spell, He appears to be unharmed] Is that the best you can do? Well, my advice to you is to run! [He chases after the player out of his lair]

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) Quickly, while there is still time! Use your final spell! [After the player casts their spell, Tamatoa still appears to be unharmed but is blasted by a geyser and flipped over. He struggles to get up]

Tamatoa: Oi, a little help here? [Moana and Maui run in] What? You again?! [Moana grabs the Crystal piece]

Moana: Got it! [Another geyser errupts and the two jump in blasting themselves to the surface. Hades appears]

Hades: You know what? I think I should have left you this way. Really. [He groans and rubs his eyes] This is the last time I work with giant sea monsters.

Gramma Tala: (Off-Screen) You've done it! Thanks to you, the world is safe from Tamatoa!

[We cut back to Merlin and Gramma Tala's spirit at the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Moana appears on Maui's hawk form. She gets off him and Maui shapeshifts back to his human form ]

Merlin: Excellent work, Sorcerer! Once again the Magic Kingdom is safe thanks to you. But, there are still more villains being recruited. We can always use an extra pair of hands around here.

Episode 8: Ursula


[We see the castle moat. Merlin pops up under a lilly pad]

Merlin: Oh! Oh, you startled me, Sorcerer. Water levels here are rising rather suspiciously and Hades' minions seem to be everywhere! Sebastian will fill you in on your mission. [He submerges back into the moat. We see Sebastian who is digging through Ursula's potions]

Sebastian: Jumping jellyfish! How do I get myself into these situations? [He notices the player and screams] Don't sneak up on me like that! Oh, I knew it had to be Ursula come back again. Look! [He gestures to Ursula's crystal ball with an image of her and her tentacles on it] She's gonna be trouble! [The image of Ursula fades into Hades at the River of Souls]

Hades: (Off-Screen) So, I'm asking myself [We see Hades looking at Ursula from his gondola] what is the fabulously wicked Ursula doing here in the River of Souls when she could be leading my invasion of the Magic Kingdom. [We see Cinderella castle engulfed in Ursula's giant tentacles] You capture that land [We see the Crystal break and one of Ursula's tentacles grab a shard] and the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom for me, and I'l let you stay up there.

[Back at Ursula's lair, we see Flotsam and Jetsam]

Ursula: Where's the fun in capturing anything  if you don't get to rule over the poor unfortunate souls you swam over in the process? Besides, our hot headed friend's much too busy [We see an image of Hades. Water covers the images extinguishing Hades' "hair". Hades notices that his hair is out] to realize I've double-crossed him before it's too late! [She laughs evilly] Tear down the sea wall, boys! [We cut back to Sebastian]

Sebastian: She's gonna flood the whole place!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Sebastian's right, Sorcerer. The entire land will be submerged! You've got to stop Ursula and make sure she doesn't get her hands on the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom.

Battle: Flotsam and Jetsam

[We see Ursula at the shipwreck]

Ariel: (Off-Screen) Sebastian, over by the shipwreck I thought I saw Ursula. But, how can that be?

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) Oh no! Ursula has already broken through the sea wall!

[Ursula walks through a window and swims away. Flotsam and Jetsam look on]

Jetsam: Ursula's plan is working.

Flotsam: Soon the ocean will flood the castle,

Both: To create a new fortress. [The two notice the player]

Jetsam: We can't allow...

Flotsam: ...any interference.

[They zap the player with magic from their mouths. After the player casts their spell, a cannon falls on top of them and blasts them. The cannon floats away and a cannonball rolls off]

Jetsam: Oh, so loud. [The two swim away]

Flotsam: (Off-Screen) And quite heavy.

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) You did it! There still may be time to stop the Sea Witch and the rising ocean.

Battle: Glut the Shark

[We see the water filled castle dungeon]

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) Oh, no! The ocean's already flooding the castle dungeon. If you don't get in there past Ursula's guards, we're sunk!

[Glut swims up to the player and his eyes start to glow]

Ursula: (Off-Screen) Look my pet! It must be time for your snacky-poo. [Glut zaps the player with magic from his mouth. After the player casts their spell, Glut is chained up] No! How could they?! Not my sweet, sharky-poo!

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) You did it! Not only that but Ursula's connection to the shark left powerful bits of dark magic behind! We could use it to follow the Sea Witch!

Sorcerer's Crest: Ariel

[We see Ariel trapped in the castle struggling on a floating object]

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) Soon the water and the Sea Witch's dark magic will spill out and swallow the land!

Ariel: Oh, please help! I-I can't get free. Won't someone please help me?!

[Merlin appears on another floating object]

Merlin: Oh dear. Don't worry Ariel! I'll have you free in a moment. Hang on!

Ariel: Come closer. Take my hand! It's the only way.

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) No! We've been following Ursula's magic. So that can't be Ariel! It's a trick!

Merlin: What?! Oh my. Oh goodness. Then I need you to help me expose any charade by using the Sorcerer's Crest. Quickly! It's the symbol found on the back of your spell cards!

[After the player uses the Crest, Merlin zaps Ariel]

Ariel: No. What are you doing? Give me your hand. Oh, please. I'm just a [Her voice changes into Ursula's voice] helpless little mermaid.

[Ariel/Ursula goes down. A tentacle emerges from the water]

Ursula: What could you possibly have to fear from little old me? [Ursula pops up and laughs . She attempts to grab Merlin but he disappears] Agh! Oh, I'm just warming up, honey. It's sink or swim time. [She dives into the water.]

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) That was close!

Merlin: (Off-Screen) Great work, Sorcerer! Since it appears I must attened to this little flooding problem, I need you to go after Ursula.

Final Battle: Ursula

[We see Ursula rummaging through Merlin's desk]

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) Oh no! The whole place is underwater! Be careful!

[Hades appears in a Crystal Ball]

Hades: Knock knock. Is this thing on? Ursula? [She pauses and turns to him]

Ursula: Oh, hold your sea horses, big boy. Hmm. Now where would he hide a magic Crystal. [She continues rummaging]

Hades: Since the general "dampness" of that cozy little castle is really gonna do a number on my hair, I'm going to need you to drain the place. Capisce? [He disappears. She notices the player.]

Ursula: Listen, with all these interruptions how am I ever going to finish? Maybe by first finishing you! [She zaps the player. After the player casts their spell, she appears to be unharmed] Please, let's be reasonable. [She sprays the player in a cloud of ink]

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) You need a spell! [After the player casts their final spell, Ursula disappears in a cloud of smoke and lightning]

Ursula: NO!!!! [The castle is drained]

Sebastian: (Off-Screen) Good work, my friend. [Hades appears in the Crystal Ball again]

Hades: Why is this crystal ball no longer in service?

[We cut to Merlin, Ariel and Sebastian in the moat]

Ariel: You did it! [She does a flip] You saved the day!

Merlin: However, I'm afraid Hades is still finding villains to join his effort. We could always use your help again.

Episode 9: Maleficent


[Merlin is at the Mad Tea Party hiding in a teacup. He has a large hole in his hat]

Merlin: Oh! Good timing, Sorcerer! [An off-screen villain blasts some magic his way but he duck. He blasts the villain back]  The Good Fairies need our help. But unfortunately Hades' minions have me pinned down. And at tea time no less! You must carry on without me for now. One of the most feared of all villains is attempting to get this Crystal piece! Oh dear. [The off-screen villain zaps him but, he ducks back down into the teacup]

[We cut to Aurora's cottage]

Merryweather: (Off-Screen) Oh, now, [Zoom in on the cottage where we see Merryweather levitating a book with her wand ] where is that dungeon escape spell? [She notices the player] Oh, hello! Thank goodness you're here. That wicked Maleficent has returned. [Zoom in on the book. There is an illustration of Hades and Maleficent] Let me show you.

Hades: (Off-Screen) Here's the deal: [We see another illustration of Hades] you capture the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and I give you [We see an illustration of Hades with a card in hand] a Get Out of the Underworld Free card. What do you say?

[We cut to an illustration of Maleficent pointing to a bag with the Crystal piece inside to her goons as Pain and Panic attack Merlin in the background]

Merryweather: (Off-Screen) So, Maleficent came back [We see an illustration of Maleficent's pig-like goon grabbing the Crystal piece and running off] and stole the Crystal shard.

[We cut to the Forbidden Mountain]

Maleficent: (Off-Screen) What a shame the Lord of the Dead [We see an illustration of Maleficent addressing her goons] won't be getting the Crystal [We see an illustration of Maleficent's hand holding the bag with the Crystal piece] he so desperately desires. [We cut to Maleficent] I'm afraid I've decided to use it to reclaim my rightful place of power instead. [She laughs evilly. We cut to another illustration of her and her goons] Prepare my trap!

[We cut to an illustration of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather about to be trapped in a pot by Maleficent's pig-like goon. Flora and Fauna are caught but Merryweather escapes from the castle.]

Merryweather: I barely escaped, But she captured Flora and Fauna! We've got to save them. [She grabs a piece of paper from the book] Here's that spell! For this list of three, I'll need help from thee. Rescuing Flora and Fauna, getting the Crystal shard and stopping Maleficent from taking over. [She zaps the player]

Battle: Goon Guard/Sorcerer's Crest: Dungeon Door

[We see Maleficent's Pig-like Goon sleeping at the Dungeon]

Merryweather: (Off-Screen) Listen. While you battle the guard dear, I'll sneak into the dungeon and get Flora and Fauna ready to escape. Then we break them out! [The Pig-like goon wakes up]

Maleficent's Pig-like Goon: Halt, intruder! [He swipes his battle axe at the player. After the player casts their spell, he appears to be unharmed and starts laughing. Crumbling is heard from above] Uh oh. [He is crushed by falling debris and falls through the floor. The smaller dungeon door closes]

Merryweather: (Off-Screen) The window's blocked and sealed with evil magic. You must break down the door with the magic of the Sorcerer's Crest. The symbol found on the back of your spell cards.

Fauna: (Off-Screen) Quickly, dear! Show the Sorcerer's Crest on the back of one of your spell cards. [After the player uses the Crest, the door breaks and Flora flies out]

Flora: Oh, thank you for rescuing us, Sorcerer! [Fauna and Merryweather join her.]

Merryweather: And with three good fairies to help now, I'm sure you can stop Maleficent!

Battle: Maleficent

Episode 10: Mother Gothel


[Merlin appears at Princess Fairytale Hall defending himself from an off-screen villain.]

Merlin: Good to see you Sorcerer. I'm afraid I can't help you now. [He zaps the off-screen villain] However, Eugene Fitzherbert better known as Flynn Rider, can help you in my place. We're all counting on you, Sorcerer!

[We see Flynn Rider glaring outside the castle window.]

Flynn Rider: Here it is, the day Rapunzel and I got married but that's another story. [Like the opening of Tangled, we see a tree in the forest with a poster hanging  on it. A picture of Mother Gothel shaking hands with Hades is on the poster] This is the story of how Mother Gothel has returned from the afterlife. [Zoom in on the poster] 

[In the style of Rapunzel's paintings we see Hades and Mother Gothel as an old woman at the River of Souls]

Hades: (Off-Screen) So, what's a beauty like the great Mother Gothel doing down here? Now, I'll make you an offer. [We see a painting of Hades] You give me Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom [We see a painting of a now younger Mother Gothel] and your beauty and youth will be restored and kept for eternity.

[We see a painting of Mother Gothel at the Corona Dungeon setting the Stabbington Brothers free]

Mother Gothel: (Off-Screen) Now that I've let you two go, I need you boys to do me a favor. [We wipe to Mother Gothel and the Stabbington Brothers] First, I need you to pay a visit to your old friend Flynn Rider and stop him from getting in my way. And second, I'm going to need you to find  [She takes out a picture of the Crystal piece] this Crystal. Meanwhile, [We cut to a painting of the Corona Castle] I've got a little reunion to attend with my little flower.

Episode 11: Turbo


[We see Merlin at Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin dressed in a Star Command uniform]

Merlin: Greetings, Sorcerer! [He ducks in the Star Cruiser from a villain's blast of magic. He blasts the villain] I'm afraid Hades' minions are closing in so, I can't join you on this mission! However, Wreck-It Ralph can fill you in on the details. The best of luck to you, Sorcerer! [We see an 8-bit Ralph on the Fix-It Felix, Jr. screen]

Ralph: There isn't much time! I'll just tell you what I know! [We cut to a black screen. The words "Game Start" and "Underworld World 1-1" appears. We see an 16-bit Hades carrying a Turbo life power-up] Despite being destroyed outside of his own game, Turbo has somehow returned! [We see Hades giving the power-up to Turbo who is in the form of a ghost. The words "Extra Life" appear above returning Turbo back to normal.]

Turbo: Turbo-tastic!

Episode 12: Govenor Ratcliffe


Episode 13: Captain Gantu


[Merlin is at Stitch's Great Escape ducking behind a seat]

Merlin: Oh! Greetings, Sorcerer! [Stitch jumps onto Merlin's seat]

Stitch: Meega nala kweesta! [He cackles madly and jumps away as a laser shoots at him. Merlin ducks.]

Merlin: Hades' minions have got me cornered in this Galactic Federation chamber. However, since Experiment 626 has arrived, things are getting out of hand. While I try to get him under control, Dr. Jumba Jookiba can be able to guide you in my place. Good luck!

[We see Jumba in his ship]

Jumba: Ha ha! Is great to be meeting you, Sorcerer! [He turns to his computer and types something.] Now to business. [On Jumba's computer we see Captain Gantu] Gantu has captured all 625 evil experiments and is plotting something with this man here. [We see an image of Hades. Zoom into the image. We see Hades and Gantu in his ship]

Hades: With the power of the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom I will be unstoppable and I can grant you and your army of these... little pods full power over Tomorrowland, whaddaya say? You get me the Crystal and I'll give you power.

Gantu: Excellent. But first, [He loads his net gun] I have a little trog problem to take care of.

[We see an image of Gantu grabbing Lilo from her house. Lilo is heard screaming.]

Jumba: (Off-Screen) So, he took little girl as hostage  to lure 626 out! [We see an image of Stitch flying off in the red police cruiser] 626 went after her but ended up getting trapped by rogue experiments in Earth division Galactic Federation chamber [We see an image of Stitch being restrained by Kixx and Sprout.] Lucky for 626, the wizard helped him defeat evil experiments. [ We see an image of Merlin zapping Kixx while Stitch tangles up Sprout's vines We cut back to Jumba] So, your job is to save little girl, stop Gantu and recover Crystal. I will be here supervising you along the way.

Episode 14: Hans


[We see Merlin at Prince Charming Regal Carousel fending off villains.]

Merlin: Glad you can come, Sorcerer! I'm afraid I can't help you. Queen Elsa will help you.

[We see Elsa at her castle.]

Elsa: Welcome, Sorcerer! I've got bad news for you. [In style of the Frozen end credits scene we see the [painting of Anna saving Elsa by sacrificing her own life.] It was a couple years since I was saved by Anna's act of true love. [We see Hans returning from prison.] But Hans returned!

Hades: Admiral Cyan at your service! Here's the deal, sweet prince, Give me the Crystal and I'll help you take over Arendelle. Whaddya say?

Hans: It is time to seek my revenge on the sisters for my arrest! And I'll kidnap Anna!

Elsa: We need you help to stop Hans from getting the Crystal and remember, let it go! Get it?

Battle: Hans' Bodyguards

Elsa: (Off-Screen) Let's see how Olaf's doing.

Olaf: Help! The bodyguards are coming! They are working for the King of the Darkness himself!

Bodyguard # 1: Halt! who goes there!

Bodyguard # 2: By the order of the Prince!

Elsa: Hurry! Cast the spell!

[The player cast a spell on the guards, sending them away]

Episode 15: Gaston


[We see Merlin fending off villains at Belle's Cottage]

Merlin: Oh! Hello there, Sorcerer! [He ducks from a blast of magic] I can fend off Hades' minions in no time but, unfortunately I can't help you right now. However, Lumière will help you in my stead.

[We see Lumière at the castle]

Lumière: Ah, Bonjour, mes amies! You are probably wondering why I am a candelabra again. Well, perhaps I can shed a little bit of light on the subject. [We cut to the castle's stain glassed windows. We see an image of Gaston fighting the Beast] Despite his defeat at the hands of the Master, [We then see an image of Gaston and Hades in the Underworld] Monsieur Gaston has returned! 

Hades: Here's the deal, Gaston! Help me get the Crystal so you can get Belle back!  

Episode 16: Randall Boggs


[We see Merlin at Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor fending an off-screen villain.]

Merlin: Greetings Sorcerer! I'll be fighting Hades' minions in no time. Mike Wasowski will help you in my stead.

[We see Mike at the Laugh Floor.]

Mike: Hi there! As we can see is that there are bad news for you, kid.

[In the style of the Monsters, Inc. opening title scene, we cut to some scenes showing the events of Monsters, Inc.]

Mike: Randall is back, and he is teaming up with some villain. [We cut to an image of Randall meeting Hades dressed as CDA Agent Blue.]

Hades: The name's CDA Agent Blue. Here's the deal, my scaly friend, give me the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and I can help you kidnap more kids.

Randall: Oh! I would love to seek revenge on Sullivan, Wasowski and Boo. And then the monster world will be mine! [Laughing evilly]

Mike: On no! Randall is trying to steal the Crystal! We need you to stop him and fast! Good night everybody!

Battle: Fungus and Mr. Waternoose

Mike: (Off-Screen) Bad news, kid! Randall have hired Fungus and freed Mr. Waternoose from jail! Use your ammos wisely, kid!

Fungus: Our boss has a surprise for you!

Waternoose: And it's going to be a piece of cake! [They throw the cake that was a bomb in disguise at the player.]

Mike:(Off-Screen) Why does the chicken cross the road? To get to the...Forget the jokes, cast the spell!

[The player cast a spell on Waternoose and Fungus. leaving them harmless.]

Waternoose: Oh my goodness![The cake landed on them.]

Mike:(Off-Screen) We did it! We beat them!

Sorcerer's Crest: Boo

Episode 17: Shere Khan


[We see Merlin at Swiss Family Treehouse]

Merlin: Gladly to see you Sorcerer! I'll be fending the villains in no time! Baloo will help you in my stead!

[We see Baloo at the jungle]

Baloo: Hey ya cats out here! It's so good to see ya!

[On the cave we see the painting.]

Baloo: Shere Khan has returned!

Episode 18: DOR-15


[We see Merlin on Space Mountain]

Merlin: Greetings, Sorcerer! [He ducks from an army of mini DOR-15s.] Unfortunately, Hades and his minions have traveled through time and ruined the future to recruit this villain. I've already gone forward in time and contacted Wilbur Robinson. He should bring you up to date!

[We cut to Wilbur looking out the windows in Cornelius' invention room at the chaos below.]

Wilbur: [He notices the player] Look, unfortunately, I don't know how dad's so-called "Helping Hat" returned when she was clearly wiped from existence when he vowed never to invent her but, that's why I brought him back here to show you what really happened.

[Lewis turns on the Memory Scanner and punches in the date on the keypad. Zoom in on the Memory Scanner. From Lewis' point of view, we see DOR-15 about to kill him with her blades]

Lewis: (Off-Screen) I am never going to...

Hades: (Off-Screen) Hold it, Four-Eyes! [ Hades poofs in] I may have some use for this little gadget here. [DOR-15 flies next to him] You too, "Goob".

Bowler Hat Guy: Wait...!

[Hades grabs Bowler Hat Guy and poofs away. We cut to the roof of the future Sixth Street Orphanage]

Hades: So, the plan is, you two get me Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and you two can finally succeed in ruining Lewis' life.

Episode 19: Prince John


Episode 20: Finale

Sorcerer's Crest: Portal