Space Goofs


Space Goofs: Tales On Earth
Genre Comedy, slapstick, friendship, action, Sci-fi
Created by StormieCreater (series) Jean-Yves Raimbaud, Philippe Traversat (Space Goofs)
Directed by Olivier Jean-Marie
Creative director
Voices of Maurice LaMarche, Jeff Bennett, Charlie Adler, Danny Mann, Cassidy Naber
Opening theme Extra Terrestrials
Number of seasons 5
Number of episodes N/A
Executive producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Running time 30 min.
Production company(s) Walt Disney Company
Original channel Disney XD

Yuppy Kai Yae

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Audio format
Original run TBA – TBA
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Space Goofs: Tales on Earth (French: Les Zinzins de l'espace: Contes sur Terre/United Kingdom: Another Home to Rent) is a TV series comeback of the original Space Goofs made by Xilam Studios. The main four space goofs appear in the series as well as new characters as well. It stars Maurice LaMarche, Danny Mann, Charlie Adler, Jeff Bennett, and Cassidy Naber.


Four extra terrestrials, Etno, Bud, Gorgious, and Candy, crash on earth and seek refuge in an empty house they claim their own. When a peppy optimistic girl, Melody, figures out they are aliens, she offers them a promise to keep their secret and never share it with anyone-even a cute Hispanic boy she has in her class. From the SMTV to new enemies, the four space goofs have to try to live with earth, while waiting for a way to find home.


Main Characters

Etno Polino (Maurice LaMarche)- Short and purple with pink lips, magenta nose, and red eyes, Etno is the smartest one of the bunch. He leads the space goofs and is the closest to Melody. Whenever he's in the situation, he is one of the last ones to panic. He also hates being a girl. He was the one that invented the SMTV.

Candy Caramella (Charlie Adler)- Short and green with red eyes and a yellow and red polka dotted apron, Candy is a neatfreak and tomgirl of the group. He is usually panicky in various situations and can be pretty serious and dramatic at times. However, he is also calm and is usually seen with his vacuum cleaner.

Gorgious Klatoo (Danny Mann)- Short, blue, and plump with green eyes and an attitude, Gorgious is the hot-tempered one of the group. He often gets annoyed at Bud's dumbness, Candy's panic, and mostly Etno's non-stop babbling. Although he is a big toughie, he has a small soft spot for Melody and treats her like a proper girl. He often cracks jokes that make fun of the space goofs and loves food

Bud Budiovitch (Jeff Bennett)- Tall and orange with blood shot pink eyes, he is the dimwitted one of the group. He loves watching TV and is sometimes staring off into space. He absolutely is a fond of Melody and thinks of her as a younger sister figure. Later in the series, he forms a crush on an anime star named Celeste.

Melody McCardle (Cassidy Naber)- Short and slender with wild red hair, emerald green eyes, freckles, and a gap in her tooth, Melody is a supporter and best friend of the space goofs. She loves aliens and has her trust gained from the aliens to keep their secret. She is waiting for undivided attention from her major crush, Rafael, but pretends that she is in a relationship with Etno, even though it is very uncomfortable to her. She is the closest to Etno Polino. Melody is gifted to have a multi=talented personality.

Supporting Characters

Rafael Fernando (Tom Kenny)- He is a Hispanic foreign exchange student who is Melody's HUGE crush. He is the type of boy who loves to draw and create many amazing things. Melody was afraid he would hate her because he is in boy scouts and Melody is in Girl Scouts. Rafael may or may not harbor secret feelings for Melody but does show it in some episodes.

Clair Siren (Alyson Stoner)- She is a bubbly and sweet girl and one of Melody best girl friends. Most of the students call her siren because of her smooth, girly voice. Clair dreams of becoming a pop star someday, and is always supported by her friends. She has feelings for a student named Daniel.

Toni Matrolini (Dana Gaier)- Coming from an Italian culture, Toni is a tomboy and one of Melody's best girl friends. She loves playing sports and is stronger than most of the boys in her class. She is always supportive to her friends and will destroy anyone who hurts them. A boy named Gabriel has a crush on her, and she sometimes shows her affection for him.

Chi Ti-Shang (Ariel Winter)- Chi is a shy Chinese girl and one of Melody's best girl friends. She is also Melody's closest best friend and is mostly seen with Melody throughout the series. There were times when Chi almost found out about the space goofs' secret, like when she questioned their house or when their SMTV power was wearing off. Nevertheless, she never finds out. She has a crush on a boy named Nathaniel.

Stereo Monovici (Jeff Bennett) - Two-headed and red in which each head has a slightly long nose, and being as tall as Bud, Stereo acts as two people since each head has its own mind. "He" is pretty much the bookworm of the group, yet often wastes his intelligence on the most useless information. The heads often argue with each other. Stereo was the long lost space goof and the leader of the star heroes.

Sunny Bubble (Tara Strong) - Sunny is a cheerful yellow alien who is a member of the star heroes.

Pearl Confetti (Nika Futterman) - Pearl is a pink alien who is a member of the star heroes.

Periwinkle (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - Periwinkle is a periwinkle colored alien who communicates with whistles, animal sounds, and visual gags. He is a member of the star heroes.

Star Lightning (Nathan Lane) - Star is a reckless and wisecracking aquamarine colored alien who is a member of the star heroes.

Thunder Smasher (Ernie Sabella) - Thunder is a warm-hearted and strong indigo colored alien who is a member of the star heroes.

Minor Characters

Gabriel Sentias (Sean Astin)- He is the school jock who has feelings for Toni.

Daniel Hopson (Jack Mcbrayer)- He is one of the most popular boys in the school who is Clair’s love interest. Like Clair, he can also sing.

Nathaniel Danis (Rob Paulson)- He is the student body president of the school and Chi’s love interest.

Celeste Tigichiari (Lauren Tom)- She is an anime TV Star who seeks refuge in the Space Goof’s house. She is Melody’s role model and Bud’s love interest.

Pika Pika (Jennifer Hale)- She is a short minor mutant cat person who is Celeste’s sidekick. She is also an anime star.

Albert Girlbert Salden (Alan Tudyk)- He is the boss of the employees in the college. He told that the Space Goofs are in earth.

Kenzie Leandra (Carol Lawrence)- She is a popular mean girl who rivals Melody. She is head over heels with Rafael and tries to humiliate Melody in front of him.

Mr. Jonathan Leandra (Adam Sandler)- He is Kenzie’s father who is an alien captor. In the fourth season finale, he finds out about the aliens’ identities and captures them, making him an antagonist of the show.