Background information
Feature films Eska
The Search for Mickey Mouse
A Different Goofy Movie
Attack on the Ethereals
Television programs Disney Magical World: The Adventures of Eska Devereaux

Behind Devereaux

Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Keith Ferguson
International Voice
Performance model
Designer StormieCreater
Inspiration Marco Diaz

Oscar from Fish Hooks
Ron Stoppable

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Spiro Blythe
Other names
Personality Kind, nervous, friendly, sometimes short-tempered, supportive, sympathetic, organized, cowardly, loyal, shy, intelligent, caring, polite
Appearance Slender, bunny figure, purple fur, royal blue eyes, grey sweatshirt, dark grey pants, brown wraps around his feet, brown strap over one shoulder
Occupation Eska's fighting partner and best friend
Alignment Good
Goal To make sure Castleton is safe
Home Castleton
Relatives Felipe D' Lafayette (cousin)
Love Interests
Allies Eska Devereaux, Genie, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Britze, Bash, Benny, various Disney characters
Enemies Opex, Ivan, various Disney villains and ghosts
Likes Things in order, fighting ghosts, Eska, safety, the cafe's food, coffee, fortune cookies, being complimented
Dislikes Disorder, Eska in danger, dangerous battles, danger, adventuring through the unknown, Eska giving up, ghosts, various Disney villains, infinity viral videos, pollen (allergic), pranks (formerly)
Powers and abilities
Weapons Ethereal yo-yo chain
Fate Sacrifices himself to save Eska, is brought back to life by Eska's wand, and becomes her friend (movie)

Spiro is the main deuteragonist in the film Eska and its spin-off, Disney Magical World: The Adventures of Eska Devereaux. He is an anthroporpmorphic bunny and Eska's best friend.


Unlike Eska, Spiro is a nervous perfectionist. He always makes sure that everything is in place. If something goes wrong, he starts to panic. Sometimes, he is level-headed and usually shakes it off, but it happens rarely.

Spiro is also shown to be a bit of a coward. He is afraid of ghosts and never runs towards the danger, unlike his red-haired friend. Despite this, Spiro is loyal and puts his cowardice aside to help fight the ghosts.

Even though Spiro is a perfectionist and coward, he is also kind at heart. When Eska was feeling bummed about messing up on her first day of fighting ghosts, he comforts her, even when she was sitting in the rain. Also, when he accidentally hurts Eska, he immediately takes his words back, and feels regrets about it.

He is also shown to be polite, especially to Disney princesses and when he's using table manners.

Spiro is also shown to be charming, like in Part-Time Day, when an elderly lady from Castle Hospital kept calling him into her room because she was infatuated with him.


Spiro is a slender, slightly short teenage bunny, three-inches above Eska. He has purple fur with a white face, long ears, and royal blue eyes. Unlike most bunnies, he does not have buck teeth.

Spiro sports a grey sweater with a brown strap going around his shoulder. He has dark grey pants with red at the bottom, and brown foot straps around both feet.


  • Spiro is the fourth Disney coward character to be a sidekick to his female heroine, but the first not to fall in love with her.

Similarities with other characters

Spiro has some similarities with Marco Diaz from Star Vs. the Forces of Evil

  • Both are organized
  • Both have outgoing, adventurous partners (Star and Eska)
  • Both act like the mature figure to their partners

Spiro also has a few similarities to Oscar from Fish Hooks

  • Both are cowardly
  • Both are shy
  • Both are really smart
  • Both have a close friendship to their female friends (Bea and Eska; however, Oscar's friendship forms a relationship)

Spiro, lastly, has similarities with Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible

  • Both are cowardly sidekicks
  • Both have a goofy side
  • Both are good friends with their female sidekicks (Kim and Eska; Ron's however, forms a relationship)