Starvation is a CGI-animated film about a young peasent girl who finds a pickle and has to battle a three-headed tomcat.


Jeannie O'Donnell is a 17-year-old girl in Southern Tennesse. She was adopted by a shoemaker and lived there for 14 years of her life after her mother was eaten alive. All Jeannie wanted to do was help others, but nobody wanted her to help because she was a girl. When the celebration of the Cowboy Running starts, she sneaks in and rides a horse. The horse goes wild, and bucks her off and destroys the feast. Jeannie gets caught and is sent to the patty wagon.


Sarah Silverman as Jeannie

TBA as Sheriff Louie

Donny Osmond as Brain

Samuel L. Jackson as Sytherous

Tba as Tba

Tba as Tba

Tba as mouse

Harry Styles as William

Tba as Tba

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