Stephanie 7


Background information
Feature films Weird World

Weird World 2

Summer with the Weird

Weird World 3

The Weird World 4nale (Part 1)

The Weird World 4nale (Part 2)

Television programs Weird World: The TV Show
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Charli XCX
International Voice
Performance model
Designer User:The Golden Cubit
Honors and awards #1 Cutest Disney Heroine
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Smart, sweet, caring, gentle, protective, shy, squeamish, depressive, laid-back, brave, bad ass, action-packed, energetic, cool, smooth
Appearance White skin (formerly), blue eyes, orange/red/pink/purple/blue hair (naturally blonde), glittery turquoise crop top with star on it, orange jean shorts, freckles, pink socks, blue Converse shoes, pearls on her forehead and back (formerly), pink Unisex Ice-Watch, blue and pink ombre bracelet, star in hair, turquoise butterfly in hair, purple headband with heart on it, silver tiara, coral hoodie (usually), white cap (sometimes), silver metal skin (underneath; formerly), circuits (underneath; formerly), glowing blue eyes (underneath; formerly)
Birthday 24th June
Occupation Leader of The Extraordinary Eight (formerly), Lifeguard
Affiliations Good (actuality), bad (secretly; formerly)
Goal To reunite with Eleanor Jacqueline, to protect Weird World, to destroy Weird World (formerly)
Home Earth, The Crystal Planet, Rainbow City (all formerly), Water City
Relatives Mother (deceased)
Love Interests Eleanor Jacqueline (formerly)
Allies George Jacqueline, Eleanor Jacqueline, Tinashe, Craig, Sponghuck, Tyler, Lennox, Scooter, Josie, Bash, Cole, Brent, Zayden, Hank, Hikouki, Roger, The Water Wand (formerly)
Enemies King Axecutioner, Axebot, Hank (formerly), Hikouki (formerly), Roger (formerly), Jaxon, The Water Wand, Josie (to some degree; formerly)
Likes George, Eleanor, being kind, Oreos, strawberries, marshmallows, listening to music, swimming, caring for the injured, feeling happy, protecting George, music, Motörhead, indie and alternative, music, dolphins, texting Tinashe, cheese, her mother
Dislikes King Axecutioner, danger, feeling sad, anyone getting hurt, becoming cold (formerly), feeling sick, being without Eleanor, Josie (formerly), The Water Wand
Powers and abilities Flight (with wings), laser on her pearl (all formerly)
Weapons Pearl spear, blue pearl star bolts (formerly), crossbow, wooden spear, pistol, axe, dagger
Fate Transformed back into a human. Following the final battle, she moves away to Water City and gets her dream job as a lifeguard and occasional swimming instructor, but has some of George's essentials from past experiences, so she will always remember him.
Quote "What in the name of love?" (Stephanie's catchphrase)

Stephanie is the deuteragonist in the Disney's Weird World franchise. She is voiced by Charli XCX.


Official Bio



Physical appearance

Stephanie, orignially a human, currently a cyborg gem, while still having human features, has pure white skin with metal skin and circuits underneath. Her hair is naturally blonde, but she always dyes it, prominently an orange/red/pink/purple/blue ombre colour, sometimes other colours, with a couple of accesories in it - a small tiara, a star, a cyan butterfly and a lilac headband with a pink heart. She has a pearl in her forehead and back. She has light blue eyes (glowing blue robot eyes underneath), light purple eyeshadow, freckles and wears star earrings on her ears. Her normal outfit is a cyan glittery crop top with a red outlined yellow star on it, light orange jean shorts, pink socks and blue Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes with sparkly diamonds. She also usually, but not always, wears a coral hoodie and white cap. She also has light blue fingerless gloves, a pink Unisex Ice Watch, a pink and blue shiny ombre bracelet and pink fingernails.


Weird World

Weird World 2

Weird World 3

The Weird World 4nale (Part 1)

The Weird World 4nale (Part 2)

Weird World: The TV Show


  • Stephanie has many similarities with Pearl from the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe:
    • Both have pearls in their foreheads
    • Both are intelligent
    • Both are LGBT characters
    • Both have white skin
    • Both have blue eyes 
    • Both have blue blood
      • However, Stephanie and Pearl have many differences as well:
        • Pearl has orange hair and Stephanie has multi-coloured hair
        • Pearl has an American accent and Stephanie has a British accent
        • Stephanie has irises, while Pearl doesn't
        • Unlike Pearl, Stephanie likes to eat, but only certain things
        • Stephanie is left-handed, while Pearl is either right-handed or ambidextrous
        • Stephanie was born human, unlike Pearl, who's always been gem
  • Stephanie suffers from bipolar disorder. This means that sometimes she can feel happy and joyful, while other times she feels sad and depressed.
    • She can sometimes even feel angry or scared.
    • She revealed in the episode Divedown Disentanglement that stress causes her to act or speak without thinking.
  • Stephanie is repellent to acid, she even has an acid tub in her bedroom.
  • Stephanie is left-handed.
  • She is Disney's first ever female cyborg.
  • Stephanie's favourite foods are Oreos, strawberries and marshmallows.
    • She's also known to really like cheese.
  • She is the first ever officially confirmed LGBT Disney character.
    • She confirms she became a lesbian, because she hates the personality of boys and she always struggled to get herself the perfect other half.
  • She has a crush on Eleanor Jacqueline, George's mother, even though she doesn't seem to realise.
  • Her eyes are sensitive to water. You can tell every time she goes underwater, she wears a diving mask.
    • This means whenever she cries, her eyes turn red and burn.
  • She had frigophobia, which is a fear of becoming freezing cold.
  • The type of shoes she's promenently wearing are blue Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes with sparkly diamonds.
  • She is a fan of British rock band Motörhead.
    • She's also known to really like indie and alternative bands and singers. Some include real-life acts like Evanescence, Vampire Weekend, Goo Goo Dolls, Snow Patrol and Lana Del Rey and fictional ones like Charlie Ulyatt, Jonquil, Vanilla Wood and her personal favourite - 3-4 Embrace, all of which are seen or mentioned in the episode Indie Rock Concert.
    • In fact, just like George Jacqueline, she likes music in general.
      • One of her possible all-time favourite songs is All the Things She Said by Russian music duo t.A.T.u., which she once called it "The ultimate Lesbian anthem".
        • Ironically though, t.A.T.u. were never actually lesbians themselves.
  • Stephanie easily gets car sick, as shown in the first film and the TV series episode Zane Applegurgle.
    • This is one of the signs of how squeamish she is.
  • In the episode The Water Wand she became fully robot after being trapped in the Water Wand..
    • In the next episode Nerves of Steel, she was transformed back to her normal self after getting trapped again and reversing the effects.
  • Stephanie was a smoker.
    • She successfully quit, in the episode Smoking Problem.
      • It was first emplied in the first film that she smoked, it was then confirmed in the episode A Hell of a Cell.
  • She was the first ever survivor of the super deadly Two-Spotted Albino Jellyfish, which appeared in the episode Divedown Disentanglement.
  • Many fans think that Stephanie's favourite colour is blue, but in the episode Ace of Space, she reveals her favourite colour is actually coral.
    • A sign is that her signature hoodie and her bed sheets are coloured coral.
      • She revealed in the episode Pearl of Wisdom that a coral hat her mother was wearing was the first thing she ever saw.
  • Her birthday is June 24th.
  • She revealed in the episode Training Time! that is a bad trainer and back then, she left the training to Eleanor.
    • This was mostly because she was a trainee herself in her human days when being trained for war and action.
    • She's since taken lessons with Eleanor's friend Ella Sandbar and has gotten better over the course of the franchise.
  • It's revealed in the episode Zane Applegurgle that Stephanie's natural hair colour is blonde.
  • Stephanie has had the most injuries and near-death experiences of any character in the series.
  • As revealed in the first film, Stephanie was originally a human, 18 years of age, but became a gem following an accident that nearly cost her life. After her transformation, she was then taken in by fellow gems on The Crystal Planet and a few years later would join The Extraordinary Eight.
  • She's less than 2500 years old.
  • She was the last one to join the original Extraordinary Eight line up.
  • While her signature hair colour is an ombre mix of orange, red, pink, purple and blue, Stephanie has tried out different hair colours on some occaisions.
  • In the episode Stephanie's Favourite Tree, she reveals she almost never takes her gloves off except for when she goes swimming.
  • It was revealed in The Weird World 4nale (Part 2) that Stephanie was one behind The Extraordinary Eleven's battles and she had been controlling The Water Wand to control many villains they fought in the past.
    • This wasn't actually her fault however, since The Water Wand used The Black Saw of Death to make her act evil and this would cause her to control The Water Wand in an evil way without anyone noticing. The Water Wand did this to many humans so she'd have better chance of ruling the universe. And Stephanie hates The Water Wand for making her do this. It's what also causes most of her stress, as well as leading the team, thus causing her to act in different moods.
    • It's also the reason why she's a cyborg, as she was given robotic parts by them.
      • She managed to redeem herself after deciding life is more important and betraying her.
  • In Divedown Disentanglement, it was revealed that Stephanie's mother was killed by house rubble.
    • She reveals more info about her during Season 8 and how important she was to Weird World and many other planets and worlds.
  • Stephanie first arrived in Rainbow City in 1983 after Eleanor's apparent death and suffering depression those years, which lead to her decision to leave The Crystal Planet. Her space pod crashed into the rainbow ocean and she swam to shore to find it.
  • Stephanie confirms that even though she has two pearls, she isn't a fusion, as humans who become gems are given two gems, just to make them as powerful as other gems.
    • This is the same with fellow gems Tinashe and Flamie, who also have two gems each, but not with Sarah, Gloop, Umaiza and Christie, who have one gem each, making them naturally gems.
  • She's often very laid-back and cool, while also a huge bad-ass. Seriously, you do not want to mess with Stephanie, as she has a high amount of skills and abilities, possibly cause of all her training back in her human days.
  • The character was universally acclaimed by critics and named as one of Disney's best female characters. Praise went to her design, personality traits, emotionoal and interesting backstory, powers and actions she's done throughout the franchise, especially in episodes like Nerves of Steel and Life of Time, the first film and the fourth and final film.

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