Stories from the Ghost Host is a 2017, October 31st, on Halloween Night. Stories about George Hightower and Tower of Terror. VOICE CAST:

Cat Kressida as Constance Hatchaway, a Ghostly Bride who keeps her stories to herself, and the ghost host.

Recordings of Paul Frees as Ghost Host, the host of the mansion, the recordings are in perfect sound, perfect shape, perfect speaker, and no vibrations, pauses, buffers, or glitches.

Recordings as Paul Frees as the Hatbox Ghost, the one of the three ghosts, haunting the attic, alongside, Constance Hatchaway, and Shadow Pianist, perfect sound, perfect shape, perfect speaker, Clearings of buffers, glitches, vibrations may not be correct in all countries.

Jennifer Tilly as Madame Leota, a crystal ball who floats in the seancé room, serpents, spiders tail of a rat, are the first creatures she may have seen in the mansion, a dashing serpent, a crawling spider, a rat with a demolished tail.

The Ghost Chorus as The Graveyard jamboree, a whole crowd, country of ghosts, singing, Madame Leota's minions that seem to be singing, Madame Leota's time past back to the past, as seen as little leota

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