pooh: welcome to my clubhouse everyone

kanga: hey I got a surprice for you

pooh: what is it

kanga: its a super polar bear comic book number 1

pooh: I like to

elsa: hello pooh

to the bear tool bear he bear oh bear high bear ready bear zip here we go your a bear working throw

beartools beartools

a marker, a magic wand, a an elephant and the mystery bear tool

bear tool bear tool he here honey and money all we haft to say oh honey all we haft to say oh honey

we got hour bear tool

((pooh pulled the lever))

hey it a tree everyone say oh honey oh honey a marker, a magic wand, a an elephant and the mystery bear tool

kanga: I know an elephant

we got ears say chears

((giraffe eating))

eeyore: oh honey

I know a marker

lets see a circle on elephant trunk

hey I know I think we will get to kanga's comic book super polar bear

pooh: oh honey

a magic wand and the

everyone: oh honey

lets see a magic wand and the mystery bear tool I know magic wand say chears

((magic wand made a whirlpool))

((pooh and piglet jump into a book))

super polar bear: all help you

pooh: everyone say oh honey

piglet: oh honey

pooh: all is left is the mystery bear tool say mystery bear tool today is a bubblegumsaurus

say super chears

((bubblegumsaurus eating bubble gum))

lets go back to the clubhouse and do the hot shot dance

hotshot hoootshot hotshot hotshot hotshot hotdiddyshot hotshot

eeyore; think you for spelling my name

what a hotshot day

hotshot hotshot hotdiddyshot so long for now for Winnie the pooh that me and the Winnie the pooh

clubhouse aww thanks for stopping by

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