An episode from the Disney/WB show The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures:


Announcer: And now introducing the one and only star of the show, Donald Duck!

Donald: Hit it!

(Music play)

(Donald dancing and falling down bumping on the staircase)

Donald: Whoa!

(Donald grunting as he falling down)

Donald: I meant to do that!

(Music plays and Donald dancing and sings, but the woman ducks smashed him)

Donald: Cut! You take 20 years!!!!

(Woman takes off her suit, who turns out to be Mickey)

Mickey: Sorry, Donald!

(Donald waking to his actor room)

Daffy: I can't believe this stupid duck got his own show, and I don't!!!

Bugs: It takes time to get your own show.

Daffy: Oh, no. Here he comes now!!

Donald: Step aside! You two are just a little jealous?

Bugs: No, I'm not jealous, but he is! I'm thinking your show's gonna be a hit!

Donald: I'm so happy that Disney realized that I'm the star, and this a humongous Blockbuster, Bugs!

Daffy: Yeah, this could be better than that Superman movie.

Bugs: Superman, Smooperman, Donald did not want to be in, besides it made by Warner Bros.

Donald: Huh! What are you talking about Bugs?

Bugs: Eh, Warner Bros. making a new Superman movie and it's made by Warner Bros.

(Donald snatches newspaper from Bugs)

Daffy: It will make him mature for this movie.

Bugs: Donald belongs on TV, not theatrical films, it can make him mature for this.

(Bugs and Daffy walking away)

Donald: (crying) No! I want to be Superman! I just want to be in the movie. I want it, want it, want it, want it!

Bugs: But what about your show?

Donald: Who cares about a lousy TV show? I want to be Superman, I want it Disney, not Warner Bros.! I want Superman, it's mine I tell you, mine, mine, mine, mine, and for the stuff I'm gonna be Super--

(The Donald statues crashed Donald)

Donald: Man!

(Bugs laughing)

Bugs: Ow!

Daffy: This could be a great part for the Disney Superman movie.

Bugs: Let's go on to the title card now!

(Title Card)

Donald: Mickey, old pal! Don't sweat it, I need an agent, you're the one I need "Agent M. Lazar", look as we go into the Disney studio, the robot will park us there, and I'll get a chance to go into the Disney Studio, and be Superman! I just got to!

Mickey: Uh, I don't know about this!

Donald: Oh, come on! You can do it, now practice your speech.

Mickey: Love you, Girl, let's sing a song!

Donald: No, no, it's "Let's sing!" not "Let's sing a song!".

Mickey: But Donald! If I put in "Let's sing!", it will be wrong. See?

Donald: I don't care! Now practice on!

(Car stops at the Disney Studios)

Donald: Okay, we're here! Here, Robo-Man here's my refridgerator magnet, now keep this on your head!

Robo-Man: Thanks! I'll be back!

(Refridgerator magnet throws Mickey and Donald out the car)

Mickey and Donald: Whoa!

Donald: We're here. I can't wait to see Tim Walt, he's gotta give me a chance to be Superman (or should I say "Superduck").

(Unnamed guard sleeping, until an arrow appears)

Guard: Huh?! Hey, watch the arrows!

Peter Pan: Oh, I'm sorry!

Guard: Uh, okay! Here are the arrows!

Peter Pan: You're welcome!

Mickey: Love you, Girl, let's sing a song!

Guard: Hey, nice voice!

Donald: Wait, Lazar! Wait!

Guard: Huh?

(Guard uses his lasso rope to stop Donald from going to the studio)

Guard: Who are you, and where do you think you're going?!

Donald: I'm Donald! Donald Fauntleroy Duck! I'm here to see Tim Walt, so----

Guard: Yeah, right.

Donald: No, I'm not kidding, I'm here to see Tim, so he can give me a chance to be Super----

Guard: You think you can fool me?

Donald: But, it's really me!

Guard: No, you're not!

Donald: True! I go my trusty agent and best friend Lazar! Oh, Lazar!

Mickey: Love you, Girl, let's sing a song! Oh, damn it! Gonna have to try again!

Donald: I guess he didn't hear me!

Guard: Good, now you can get out!

Donald: But!

(Guard uses a Jack-in-the-Box with a punch bag inside to kick Donald out, but lands inside the Disney Studios)

Donald: Whoa!

Mickey: Love you, Girl, let's sing! (gasps) Let's sing! I got it! Oh, Donald!

(Donald lands with a "Splat!", and gets amnesia)

(Donald grabs Mickey)

Donald: Do you have a cheeseburger?

Mickey: But, Donald! It's me, Mickey Mouse!

(Donald gets his memory back)

Donald: Hey, we're here, the Disney Studios, I can't wait to see Tim Walt! Where is he? Is he here? Over here? Over there? Where, where, where?

(Mickey gulps)

Mickey: I think over there!

(Scene cuts to a scary house)

Donald: Mommy!

(Fades out and fades in)



  • Tony Anselmo: Donald Duck
  • Bret Iwan: Mickey Mouse
  • Bob Bergen: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Robo-Man and Guard
  • Robin Williams: Peter Pan

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