Sydney Ann Caspian-Williams
Background information
Feature films None
Television programs Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators BelieveInJC
Voice Tara Strong, Bridget Mendler( singing voice actress)
International Voice
Performance model
Designer BelieveInJc (Momo Ikhile)
Honors and awards Unknown
Character information
Full name Sydney Ann Williams
Other names
Birthday Feb 14, 1998
Occupation Student at Norrisville High
Home Norrisville
Relatives Alicia Caspian-Williams(mother), Robert Beckett-Williams(step-father), Bella Beckett-Williams(step-sister), Magnolia Beckett-Williams(step-sister)
Love Interests
Pets Hooters (white owl)
Allies Theresa Fowler, Randy Cunningham(love interest), Howard Wienerman
Enemies Debbie Kang(one-sided on her side)
Likes Randy Cunningham, Singing, Jewelry, Animals, Dancing.
Dislikes Not singing, Libraries
Powers and abilities None
Weapons None
Quote " Thank you, my sweet and bold prince!"

Sydney Ann Luckett is a fan made character of Disney's Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja.


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Randy Cunningham- She is one of Randy's best female friends. But, as the ninja, she refers him to,"my prince", because everytime she's in trouble or stanked, she can always count on him to save her.

Howard Wienerman- In some episodes, Howard thinks she a "real" princess, because how she acts. But, they always get along.

Theresa Fowler- Theresa is Sydney's best friend. They have alot in common. There both on the batton team and members of Der Monster Club. But, when ever Theresa's near 

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