A sequel following the 2010 Disney animated film Tangled. Will release on November 4, 2014.


After she returns, Rapunzel gets internet famous. It's just too much for Rapunzel! At the beggining it's OK, and Eugene agrees. But then rumors about Rapunzel going back to her tower comes along, and Rapunzel is suprised. Will she catch who's making this up, and will she tell people that it's not true?


Mandy Moore as Rapunzel: Princess of Corona and Eugene Fitzherbet's wife. Main protagonist.

Zachary Levi as Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider: Rapunzel's husband. Deronagist.

Idina Menzel as Kinsey: A blogger and starter of the tower rumor. Main antagionist.

Kari Wahlgren and Sean Bean as The King and Queen: Rapunzel birth parents.

Bill Hader as Reporter

Ariel Winter as Shelby: Kinsey's best friend and secondary antagionist.

Cameron Boyce as Adam: Neighbor of Kinsey and teritary antagionist.

Paul Thompkins as Short Thug: Thug and supporting charecter.

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