Tara Lizard
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Farm Buddies
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Stephanie Lemelin (Speaking)

Alessia Cara(singing)

International Voice
Performance model
Designer StormieCreater
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Tara Lizbern
Other names T (Floyd)

Hayley BeGenerous (attractive disguise in the titular episode)

Personality Tough, rebellious, tomboyish, opinionated, courageous, hot-tempered (at times), violent (when angered too much) friendly, caring, feisty, funny, sarcastic
Appearance Slender lizard, jade green skin, long chocolate milk brown hair, brown eyes, four yellow dots above her eyes
Alignment Neutral, later Good
Home Windy Hills Farm
Relatives Unknown parents (deceased)
Love Interests Floyd Pig
Allies Floyd, Felix, Flip, Wally, Marina, Pippi, Fido, Mustard, Atlas
Minions Pippi
Enemies Tornado, Willy the Wolf
Likes Floyd, sports, creepy things, competition, being comfortable, chocolate, milkshakes, bonfires, helping Floyd, looking like herself, writing in her "diary"
Dislikes Dresses, makeup, Marina, her friends in danger, fickle crowds, Being mean to Floyd, girlish things, flirting
Powers and abilities

Tara is a lizard and main deuteragonist of Farm Buddies. She is a tomboy and Floyd's best friend.


Tara is a huge tomboy. She hates girlish things like makeup and dresses. Even when she has to wear them, she hates it. She is also absolutely reluctant to flirting.

Tara can easily lose if someone upsets her. When crowds boo at her, she loses it and nearly screams at them. Same thing happens when crowds boo at Floyd, since she has a crush on him.

Deep down, she is actually very sweet, especially to Floyd. When she usually isn't annoyed by Marina, she is fun to be around.


Tara is a slender lizard with jade green skin, long milk chocolate brown hair, and brown eyes. She has four yellow freckles above her head.

She has three various outfits throughout the series:

  • Ocean blue shirt with rolled up sleeves, red shorts
  • Grey sweatshirt, camo leggings
  • scarlet hoodie (usually tied to waist), colbalt blue tank top, dark grey sweatpants


When Tara first came to the farm, she was easily a misfit after hitting Willy the Wolf in the head with a shovel. Only Floyd and his friends, except Felix, tried to be nice to her. It was revealed later that Tara watched her parents be murdered in front of her, which was why she ran away to find a new home. When a traitorous Willy was defeated, she was accepted by everyone into the farm. Later on, after Floyd told her she was one of the coolest girls he knew, she began to have a crush on him.


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