Relationships of Tara Lizbern.




Tara gripping Felix's arm in "Farmly Funds"

She and Felix have a love/hate relationship.

At first, she hated Felix when he tried to arrest her for hitting Willy the Wolf with a shovel. She tried to even sock him in the bill after trapping her in a sack to take to Floyd. After they defeated Willy, they were on more friendly terms, but sometimes don't get along.


Like Felix, she didn't like Flip at first. Flip was a bit annoyed at her, but then started to like her as a friend.


When she first met Wally, she punched him in the face when he opened the sack to greet himself. Wally put up with Tara's violence and eventually befriended her.


Pippi was the one person Tara was a fond of. When she first met the cute kitten, she explained to her and Floyd her life story. Pippi was a sweet kid, and Tara started to like her like a sister.


Tara was annoyed with Fido when she first met him, but became his friend, despite the fact that she is still annoyed with Fido's dumbness.


Mustard understood Tara's anger, even though Tara didn't like him at first. Since defeating Willy, she could go to the wise horse for advice.


Tara didn't like Atlas at first, but became his friend later on.

Love Interest

Floyd Pig

Floyd and Tara

Floyd is Tara's best friend and crush.

Tara was annoyed at first by Floyd when he was trying to be kind to her. Eventually, Tara reluctantly decided to stay a night, and decide what she was going to do in the morning. While she was crying, Floyd, when Pippi told him, cared for her and she told him the reason for the anger and frustration-her parents' death. Tara decided to stay after Willy fled from Windy Hills Farm. While watching the sunset, Floyd's sweet nature and kindness made Tara develop feelings for the pig.

Since then, Tara did everything to help Floyd and care for him, though her competition with Marina gets in the way.



Tara and Marina are rivals.

Though their relationship was not specified in the pilot, Tara is annoyed by Marina's beauty and attraction. She also gets more annoyed when Marina is talking or rejecting Floyd. A running gag in the series is when Tara pushes Marina out of the way when she is talking to Floyd or even mentioning romantic attraction to Floyd.


Willy the Wolf

Tara hated Willy the Wolf since she came to Windy Hills. When Willy kept telling her she didn't belong in any farm, Tara eventually hit him on the head with a shovel. Willy still doesn't accept her.


Tara and Tornado don't interact, but they are enemies.

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