The Adventures of Mickey, Donald and Goofy is an upcoming show that will premiere as sneak preview on October 10, 2012 and will make its official debut on October 19, 2012. The show is about where three brothers Mickey, Donald and Goofy gets into mischief and sticky situations.



  • Mickey Mouse: The show's main protagonist. He is the leader of the group. He is a 10-year old, adventurous, funny, mischevious and ticklish. He has a crush on Minnie Mouse. He is older than Donald and younger than Goofy. Voiced by Bret Iwan.
  • Donald Duck: The show's main deuteragonist. He is a 9-year old, short-tempered, coward, stubborn, selfish and impatient. He has a crush on Daisy Duck. He is the youngest of the group. He is younger than Mickey and Goofy. Voiced by Tony Anselmo.
  • Goofy: The show's main tritagonist. He is a 12-year old, clumsy, silly, imaginative and lazy. He has a crush on Clarabelle Cow. He is the oldest of the group. He is older than Mickey and Donald. Voiced by Bill Farmer.
  • Pluto: Mickey, Donald and Goofy's pet dog. He can't speak but he can do sign language. He has a crush on Fifi the Peke and Dinah the Dachshund. Voiced by Bill Farmer.


  • Minnie Mouse: Mickey's girlfriend. She is a 10-year old, cool, sweet and smart. She is older than Daisy and younger than Clarabelle. Voiced by Russi Taylor.
  • Daisy Duck: Donald's girlfriend. She is an 8-year old, wacky, silly, talkative and annoying. She is the youngest. She is younger than Minnie and Clarabelle. Voiced by Tress MacNielle.
  • Clarabelle Cow: Goofy and Horace's girlfriend. She is a 12-year old, gossiper and imaginative. She is the oldest. She is older than Minnie and Daisy. Voiced by April Winchell.
  • Fifi the Peke: Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle's pet dog. She is Pluto's girlfriend, but often competes with Dinah for Pluto's attention. Voiced by Russi Taylor.
  • Dinah the Daschshund: Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle's other pet dog. She is also Pluto's girlfriend, but often competes with Fifi for Pluto's attention. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Horace Horsecollar: A 12-year old, comical, funny and pie-lover. His best friend is Goofy and has a crush on Clarabelle. He often competes with Goofy for Clarabelle's attention.

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List of The Adventures of Mickey, Donald and Goofy episodes

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