Thanks to the sucess of the newest Muppet movie, Kermit and the gang relaunch The Muppet Show, inviting Jason Segal to be the celebirty host.


Songs & Skits
Song or Skit Title Description
"The Muppet Show Theme" Gonzo's trumpet at the end sounds perfectly fine. Gonzo ends up jinxing it, stating that the trumpet may be fixed after everything it had done wrong before, and it blows up in his face; literally.
"Muppet News Flash" The Newsman reports that angry 12 year olds are attacking Muppet Studios, with their "Boomerangs of Terror". Whatnot Muppets come in, dressed as kids, and throw the boomerangs all off-screen. They leave the studio. Newsman states that there is nothing to worry about, but the boomerangs come back and knock him off the chair.
"Muppet Labs" Dr. Bunsen Honeydew introduces the "Spring Shoes", which will "really put a spring in your step!". He explains that the new shoes will be able to help you jump up into the air, and gets thing from those "hard to reach places". Beaker attempts to show an example, but bounces up to high and crashes into the roof.
"Backstage" Kermit and Scooter are backstage, talking with Jason Segal, thanking him for all he's done to help the Muppets. Segal insists it was nothing, but the Jason Segal Muppet comes and says that if it wasn't for Segal, he wouldn't exist. Walter comes backstage and rushes to hugs Jason, thinking it's Gary.
"Mid-Day with Johnny Fiama" Johhny welcomes everybody to his talk show segment of the show, where he interviews the episode's celebirty guests, similar to talk shows like "The Conan O'Brian Show". Jason Segal comes to talk about his upcoming projects. Johnny's interview with Jason, however, is interupted frequently by Sal, who always is asking Johnny questions about the next episode's "Mid-Day with Johnny Fiama" segment.
"Pigs in Space: Swarm of Wild Wasps There's a swarm of wild wasps buzzing around the Swine Trek, and luckily, Dr. Strangepork smokes them away with the Bees and Wasp Smoker 300.
"Veterinarian's Hospital" Nurse Piggy, Nurse Janice, and Dr. Bob operate on a sickly Floyd Pepper, who can't perform in the next act due to his illness. While Bob and Piggy attempt at the operation, Janice is too busy flirting with Floyd to notice. Their boss, Mr. Segal (Jason Segal), comes in to expect the operation.
"Live with The Electric Mayhem" Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Janice, Animal and Floyd (feeling better after the events of the previous sketch", perform "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen.
"Curtain Call" Kermit and Jason Segal thank everyone for coming to the show. Kermit explains that the Muppets were so popular with their newest movie, that they were requested to be brought back into the show. Fozzie shows up, ready for his act, but Kermit explains that he was replaced by Johnny Fiama's new talk show for the episode. Fozzie becomes upset, and throws whoopie cushions at Kermit and Segal. Scooter has to drag him off stage.


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