The Aristocats II is Disney 59th animated picture produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.


  • Duchess (Kate Higgins) - The main protagonist of the film. Mark Henn as supervising animator for Duchess.
  • Thomas O'Malley (John Goodman) - The secondary protagonist of the film. Ruben Aquino as supervising animator for Thomas O'Malley.
  • Toulouse (Ashleigh Ball) - Alex Kupershmidt as supervising animator for Toulouse.
  • Berlioz (E. G. Daily) - Alex Kupershmidt as supervising animator for Berlioz.
  • Marie (Tara Strong) - Alex Kupershmidt as supervising animator for Marie.
  • Roquefort the Mouse (Jim Cummings) - Andreas Deja as supervising animator for Roquefort the Mouse.
  • Gerpelt (Lawrence Bayne) - The main antagonist of the film. Tony Fucile as supervising animator for Gerpelt.
  • Madame (Maggie Smith) - Russ Edmonds as supervising animator for Madame.
  • George (Don Rickles) - Anthony DeRosa as supervising animator for George.
  • The Zookeeper (Jeff Bennett)
  • The Lion (Dan Castellaneta)
  • The Moose (Tom Kane)
  • Pappy Duchess's father and also the grandfather of Marie and her brothers. (Mel Brooks)
  • Granny Duchess's mother and also the grandmother of Marie. (Estelle Harris)


  • "Zoological Gardens"
  • "Thomas O'Malley Cat"
  • "Evrybody Wants to Be a Cat"

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