Prologue: The story about how Prince Toby VII came to the kingdom of Triwyn

Toby: (narrating) "This is the story about how I became a brave and heroic prince and met Princess Bethany II, but that didn't happen just yet, 'cause I wasn't born yet, well, for some reason, when Bethany's parents, King Samson and Queen Meredith were very young, Queen Meredith suddenly went into labor, and eventually, a beautiful young baby girl was born, they named her Bethany, and everybody in Triwyn was very delighted. A few months later, right after my father married my mother, she also went into labor, and eventually, I was born as a young baby boy, and they named me Toby, and everybody was also delighted to see my appearance."

The castle guards and court jester are very delighted to see the 2 babies: Toby and Bethany.

[Crowd Cheering Wildly]

Toby: (still narrating) Everything seemed perfectly fine, 'til something terrible began happening.

[Crowd Screaming In Fear And Panic]

Queen Francesca: "There's a dark dragon approaching, we'd better get outta here!"

King Cedric: "Right, Francesca, let's go!"

King Cedric and Queen Francesca run away from the dark dragon, and they begin fighting against it.

Toby: (narrating again) Then a few months later, when I was 13 years old, right after the dark dragon was defeated, I discovered a terrible sight."

13 Year Old Toby: "No! Mom, Dad, it can't be!"

Toby: (still narrating) My parents were now deceased and gone for good.

Disney production pictures presents

The Brave Good Prince: The Search For the Golden Amulet

Directed by Chris Buck

Produced by Peter Del Vecho

Music by Robert Lopez

Scene 1: Inside the Castle of Triwyn

King Samson: "Well, Meredith, it's been such a lovely evening."

Queen Meredith: "It sure is, Samson, I just hope everybody's been invited over for dinner this evening."

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