The Brave Little Toaster Saves Christmas
Genre Musical, Comedy, Family
Created by  CAPRAFILMS
Starring Deanna Oliver
Kath Soucie
Ethan Munk
Tim Stack
Jon Lovitz
Lee Marshall
Composers David Newman, Van Dyke Parks
Country of origin United States
Language English
Running time 120 minutes
Audio format Surround

The Brave Little Toaster Saves Christmas is the prequel to The Brave Little Toaster movies trilogy. 


Toaster has to save Christmas and rescue his friends after their kidnapped by a nega-Santa.



  • Toaster
  • Tinseclina
  • Blankey
  • Lampy
  • Radio
  • Kirby

Main Humans

  • Rob the Master
  • Chris the Masteress
  • Robby the Little Master



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