The Coffee Date (Big Hero 6.2 short)

This takes place a week after the defeat of The Plastics and Hiro asking Hannah out on a date along with Joseph asking Honey out on a date. The four head to Starbucks and talk about their lives and how crazy everything was the past week. The couples are all at one table with the boys putting their arms around their ladies and sipping some coffee. Meanwhile, some of Handsy's fans walk up to the table and ask for autographs and they politely do so. When the four walk home, Carlos decides to let them all in to their house and they all go inside. Hannah and Hiro sit down on the couch in the living room while watching a romantic drama comedy, while Joseph and Honey are in the basement doing the same. Meanwhile, there's a power outage in the whole block. They all decide to light up some candles until the power comes back. The two couples feel as if the candles are somewhat romantic. Hiro decides to get out his guitar and sing a duet with Hannah and Joseph and Honey doing the same. When the couples are done singing, they all share a long, passionate kiss. Suddenly the power comes back on, but the couples don't notice as they still shared that powerful kiss and fall deeper in love with each other.