The Cranks: Is a Group of Girls, Appearing in The 2017 film, Tye's Great Adventures

Members: Edna (Described as the Harassing Online bully) Sarah (Described as the Shy, But Evil Girl) Hariot (Descirbed as the girl from the west), Logyan (6 Year old-Bully) Brook (Formerly)

Likes: Bullying, IPhone, Blaming on Isabella, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Makeup, Shampoo, Looking Pretty, Not about the inside but about the outside, Texting, Getting Mad, Staying up Late, Combing their hair, looking good, smelling good, IPad, pizza, beef, Junk food

Dislikes: Not going on iPhone, Getting Blamed On, sleeping early, messy hair, the inside not the outside, no makeup, apples, fruit, dairy products, starving, Isabella, Brook (when he finally left the school), (NOTE: below are what brook's dislikes now) IPhone, stuff at cost money, money, other bullies, (now back to the others) Homework, Getting caught making false alarms, smelling bad, brushing teeth, showering, bath, getting sick, soap, potatoes, cheese, butter and bread, Ripped Jeans, Things that look ugly.

Love Instered: Koen (By Edna, Hariot, Sarah) Hannah (By Logyan)

Love Instered by Someone: Riley's Dad, Anna (By Logyan) Hannah (Liked, but also dislikes)

Quotes: "Give me my phone!"

"I didn't do the alarm!"

"Why you asking?"

"Go back to your class!"

"Lockdown! Lockdown!"

"you got tricked hahaha! I love doing pranks!"

"sorry but I'm leaving school, forever!"

"Shampoo! Yay! No soap!, but wait I need to shower, nooooo!"

"Why does Monday always have to be off the board?!"

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