The Element of Fire
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John Lasseter

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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney

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The Element of Fire II: The Element of Water

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The Element of Fire is a 2015 CGI film.


16-year-old orphan Liana and her younger brother, Gregory, are taken away in a "Fire Capsule" to a land called Ardére, where they find out that they are the lost Prince and Princess of the land. But as Liana trains for her coronation, she finds a dark secret hidden in the passageways of the Ardére land, one that could explain to Liana everything. As Liana quests to find the truth, she realizes that the adventure ahead is set to destroy everyone she loves.

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  • Liana - spunky red-haried girl, sixteen, the lost Princess of Ardére and the main character.
  • Gregory - red-haired boy, eight, the lost Prince of Ardére and Liana's younger brother.
  • Joshua - brown-haired boy, sixteen, a citizen of Ardére and Liana's love interest.
  • The Flame Killer - dark, hooded man, unknown age, former citizen of Ardére, banished for killing the King and Queen, and the main antagonist.
  • "Flame Queen" Eleanor - strawberry-blonde woman, 30s or 40s, Liana's godmother and the stand-in queen until Liana is married.


  • Ardére, the name of the Fire Kingdom, is latin for to burn, be on fire.


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