The Emperor's New School: Untold Tales from Kuzco Academy will be a direct to video movie consisting of four never before seen (and never before made) episodes of The Emperor's New School. The stories are connected by one big wrap around story.

Emperor Kuzco has finally graduated, but it's not over yet. it turns out Yzma has tricked the royal record keeper into giving her the deed to the palace. It turns out the only way Kuzco can get the palace back is if he makes a direct-to-video movie, and sells enough copies to buy back the palace. Kuzco comes up with a way to cheat, and cobbles togeher four unaired episodes of his show, and ties them together into a movie.

Walt Disney company, I know you're not reading this, but I wish you were. Please make this movie!

I want to popular again!... I mean, uh, people want to see more Kuzco... yeah that's it.


...Um Kuzco, you do realise that begging Disney to bring you back isn't going to work right?

Hey I can dream can't I?

Plot Synopsis

The film begins with the Theme from the show, which is then interuppted by Kuzco, Kuzco tells everyone that the show is over, and he's graduated and become emperor. The words "THE END" then appear on screen. The Royal Record Keeper then pops up and tells Kuzco that he's sold the deed to the Palace. It turns out Yzma now has the deed to the palace. "Haha! It's brilliant! Now that I have the deed to the palace, nothing can stop me from becoming empress." Kronk azsks Yzma what she'll do if Kuzco buys the deed back. Yzma then concocts a back up plan to send Kuzco to another dimension. Back at the Palace Kuzco finds a secret vault of lost episodes, and edits three of them together on a DVD, planning to sell a thousand copies to make enough money to buy the deed back.

In the first episode, "Kronktastic Voyage", Yzma makes a potion pill that'll make Kuzco explode, however Kronk ends up swallowing the pill instead. Yzma decides to temporarily team up with Kuzco and Malina, and they use a shrinking potion to go inside Kronk's body and remove the pill before it's too late.

In the second episode, "Kuzcoaster" Kuzco buys the Secret Lab Coaster from Yzma, and rethemes it to himself.

In the third episode, "Kuzco, Malina and Kronk's Indifferent Adventure" Kuzco, Kronk and Malina time travel in Yzma's new time machine.

In the fourth and final episode, "To the Moon, Kuzco" When Yzma shoots Kuzco to a distant desert in a rocket, he thinks he's been sent to the moon.

In the end, it turns out Kuzco has sold enough copies. (Guaca buys them all.) and Yzma is throne in the dungeon, where she ends up being teleported to another dimension.

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