The Events After Cars is a little short story about what happend after the last scene of Cars , and stuff and how Doc Hutson Dies.


(The Morning After The Gang watchs The Pixar Cars Verson Movies)

Lightning McQueen: Hey Morning Sally

Sally: Hey Stickers So You Made this into your tace thing uh

Lightning: Ya, This Place is getting more people now That I Told Them !



Sally:Wanna Go For A Drive

Lightning: I Would have said that myself

(Flo Come in)

Flo: Sally, McQueen Something wrong with Doc !

Sally Doc !

Lightning: Whats Wrong ?

Ramone Drives in

Ramone: Guys, Hes Getting Sick ! Lets Go

Lightning: Tells us The Story Ramone

Ramone: Ican't I Just heard 10 mins ago tell Doc himself !

Mater Gose In

Mater: Maybe hes become dead

All: What ?

Lightning: Mater this is not time for jokes !

Mater: Dad Gum ? Lets Go

(They Drive to the hospital)

Luigi: Thank Blossmeo you guys are here

Sally: Whats Wrong

Luigi: well he got sick after he raced and got suck in some rocks and... we don't know what to do ?

Ramone: Doc , are you ok

Doc:I'm OK ! Stop Bothering Me You ummmmm Car

Ramone: He Forgot Me !

Mater: I'll Call Lizze ,Fillmore and Sarge for help !

Lightning: Go Now we need plenty of help !

Mack: Hey Guys... oh no is he sick or what

Mater:Maybe Both

Lightning; go call help

Mater: oh yeah !

They All Come in

Lizzie: Wow I Seen this before, Stanely was like this too

(Flashback time)

Stanley: Help me Lizzie I Can't make it....

Lizzie: yes you can !

Stanley: rember i alwasy love you.....

(Stanley dies with no more fuel and oil)

Lizzie: No !

(Flashback ends)

Lightning: wait look hes moving !

Doc: you guys aways rember me, and lightning....

Lightning; yes !

Doc; good luck at your races, son, you are going to be my new son

Lightning Smiles

Filmore: Thats Touching Man

Sarge: yup

Doc Dies

Lightning: No !

the end

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