The Fantastic Four Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, film starring by Arley Swaby..,,,


  • Numberto Swaby as, Trevor/Robotic Doom/Dr. Alan Erickson (new version/new timeline)...,,,
  • Katherine Briscoe as, Mary Jane Watson (cameo, walking towards him)..,,, Towards Reed Richards.,
  • Archie Macvicar as, Dr. Franklin Storm (cameo only).,,, Scientist of Johnny Storm..,,,

Unknown Actor as, Peter Quill (cameo)

  • Yanet Swaby as, Gamora (cameo)
  • Eddie Anderson as, Hank Pym Jr./Wasp (cameo only) Rhodes's foster brother and former rival.

Uncredited Casts

Frank's surrogate-father.

Archive Footages

  • Richard Hydes as, Dr. Hank Pym, Sr. (cameo) Henry's father.


  • "Another Body" performed by Phillip Glass courtesy by Phillip Glass (Television Series)
  • "Fantastic Four (Remix) Theme" performed by Bob Harris composed by John Debney courtesy by Bob Harris composed by John Debney
  • "Another Body (V2)" performed by Phillip Glass courtesy by (Marvel Music Award)

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