Walt Disney's Film a Sequel to Pinocchio

Pinocchio Story's Geppetto in Collector Selection

"Lilo & Stitch the Series" is Angel 624 Enter.

Fox Girl is Dolopus Enter.

Voice Cast

Seth Adkins - Pinocchio

Cliff Edwards - Jiminy Cricket

Mallerie Rigsby - Patty

Tony Pope - Geppetto

Tara Strong - Angel 624.

Jennifer Hudson - Gladys

Haley Joel Osment - Pietlo

Rick Moranis - Gorodan

Chaz Palminteri - Stromboli

Robert Oliveri - Tr. James

Denis Deary - Honest John

Billy Crystal - Gideon

David Gllagher - Lampwick

Josh Blorin - Shette

Jeff Cohen - Oscar

Eric Lloyd - Bert

Elan Garfias - Ernie

Nick Carson - Alexandor

Toby Kebbel - Telence

Jay Baruchel - Rodney

Sam Stockman - Ender

Dave Statler - Mocal

Eddie Redmayne - Bormie

Kaite Finneran - Dolopus

Jonathan Harris - The Coachman

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