The Hidden Jewel of Heserayda is an Upcoming September 2017 (Not Real, Please Don't Expect:/) Takes Place In Washing DC, or British Columbia (In Between, Closer to Washington) Characters In The Show are:

  1. Heserayda, A Beautiful Mystical alive forest, shown as a hill
  2. Mama Bear , a Loving Bear and Sunshine, of the Family.
  3. Papa Bear, a Defended Bear, and Moonlight of The Family.
  4. Baby Bear, A Cute Bear, Loves to Eat Berries
  5. Blenda, a Canadian Beaver, Wife of Berry,
  6. Berry, a Canadian Beaver, First Animal of Canada
  7. Rico, A mean, cruel hunter
  8. Tweety, a Bluebird that is best friends with Berry
  9. Whistle, Tweety's Friendly, chatty child
  10. Carol, Tweety's Wife
  11. Sally, A Salmon best friends with Baby Bear
  12. Simon, A Salmon, brother of Sally
  13. Gohn Mcduck, a Duck
  14. Grizz, a Grizzly Bear, uncle of baby bear, brother of mama bear
  15. Grandy, a Grizzly, Aunt of baby bear, married to grizz
  16. mr. Trout, a Suspicious Trout
  17. Chan, a Cheetah that got kicked out of the jungle, best friends with Sally and Baby Bear
  18. Princess Awilan, A native princess
  19. Chief Nagio, a Native Chief
  20. Rex, a Wolverine

Voice Cast:

Idina Menzel as Carol

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