The incredibles 2 is the sequel to the incredibles. The underminer is the villain of this film. At the beginning a purple portal opens up and a man who looks like Mr Incredible only he's not bald and he has a mustache and a beard appears. Dash asks the man who he is. He says he's Dash from the future. He tells them that the underminer kills them all except for him and Jack Jack so he must change time. "Its cool that you're me from the future but it sucks that some of us get killed." said Dash. Then a dark brown haired teen boy with a page boy haircut and an incredibles uniform appeared. He told them he's Jack Jack from the future. But he told them to call him Jack. Future Dash says he tried to beat the underminer in his time but he was too powerful. The underminer has since taken control of the world and driven the "surface dwellers" underground - many have been enslaved and put to work in his mines, whilst others live a life of fear and evasion. A brave few have formed a resistance group which aims to oneday overthrow the underminer and free the worlds survivors to walk upon the earth's surface once more - but their efforts appear largely futile. Cities remain intact but exist as ghost-towns only. Many years have passed and the earth's forests and oceans have begun to recover from the previous centuries of man's exploitation. The underminer's propaganda machine refers to this 'grand cleansing' frequently and believes this will be his crowning legacy. "The earth's vermin shall never be free to walk the earth again!" "Let them eat worms!"

Who can possibly save humanity from this tyrant? Will Dash and Jack be able to reverse the course of history? Can the Incredibles possibly hope to undermine the Underminer? Only an Incredibles sequel can tell....

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