The Little Mermaid Ⅳ: The Dragon's Stone
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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

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The Little Mermaid V: King Triton and the Mystical Trident

The Little Mermaid Ⅳ: The Dragon's Stone is the sequel to The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.

The Legend of the Little Mermaid with a twist that is also the most strangest thing Ariel had to learn, being Human in a form of a Dragon.


Ariel after the years against Ursula, and Morgana, Ariel goes off to the country side of Eric's Kingdom, and notices a giant abandon Tower, known as the "Tower of Glowerhaven" Ariel as in her past always gets inquisitive, and investigate, Melody notices that there is a painting on the wall that looks just like Eric with a blonde haired Princess, Ariel looks at the name, "Kyra of Glowerhaven, 10th century". Ariel then notices a box containing crystal pieces, she was horrified when she read a prophecy of "Whom shall ever marry the girl with the voice of an Angel shall rule with utter respect, and right to reign with Pride". she notices that when she got back to the castle, Eric was concerned of where she went and where she rode to, and Ariel was shocked at first, and leaving King Triton suspicious of Eric's questions.

Later that eve Sebastian as usually getting in trouble with Louie accidentally pushes the pieces into a drink of Champagne, Sebastian tried to stop the Waiter and ends up into a bucket of Ice. At the Party Ariel was shocked to see a Lion (Simba) being used for entertainment, and Max didn't like the way he was treated by a Animal tamer, Ariel tried to stop the abuse but Eric grabbed her arm, Ariel then realized that moment he married her for her voice and not for her, she shakes free and releases Simba, as Eric was going to reprehend Ariel for embarrassing him, Simba chased the guards away, and Ariel realized Eric wasn't worth it, and punched his faced destroying his mask, realizing the man in the painting, and Eric are the same, also he planned on Ariel coming to the surface so he could claim her, even her daughter realize he interrupted their conversation while back on purpose.

Grimsby scolded Eric for his deception, and Ariel left the castle, Simba reveals he can talk to Ariel and apologizes for what happened, Ariel was hurt realizing her father was right, and that sometimes Sea Witches aren't the only deceivers. Melody befriends Simba, and gives Ariel the Champagne. after Ariel drinks the drink with the Crystal Fragments in, she starts to change into a Fire Breathing Dragon that looked just like the Dragon statue back at the Tower, blessed to know she can talk, and sing she couldn't believe that she became a Dragon, then a voice told her that she is now the new Dragon Princess, and that she had fallen to Sorron's Tricks, and evil Prince whom believed died and the body became a baby dragon, Ariel then notices she is a descendant of Princess Kyra.


  • Jodi Benson - Ariel, Triton's daughter, Eric's wife and Melody's mother
  • Matthew Broderick - Simba
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes - Eric, Ariel's husband and Melody's father - Sorron
  • Tara Strong - Melody, Eric and Ariel's daughter and Triton's granddaughter - Kyra
  • Cam Clarke - Flounder, a tropical fish and Ariel's best friend
  • Jamie Foxx - Sebastian, a red Jamaican crab, Triton's chief of staff, royal court composer, advisor and Ariel's good friend
  • Jim Cummings - King Triton, Ariel's father and Melody's maternal grandfather (voice, replacing the late Kenneth Mars)
  • Cree Summer - Serrifas
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Eric the Spellbinder

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