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The Little Mermaid 4: Under the Sea Below

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The Little Mermaid 4: Under the Sea Below
Film information


Disney (non-Pixar)


American English

Preceded by

Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginings

Followed by

Little Mermaid V: King Triton and the Mystical Trident


In the first of the fandom Little Mermaid Films, Neptune visits Atlantis. He mentions whether they've found his son Poseidon yet. Also, he doesn't like Eric, and says to Ariel, "Not a good choice, my dear. Rubbish, he is. Bothero!"

In the end, he becomes angry at his grandson, and says: "I'm going to take back the sea from you, grandson! You're too irresponsible!"

Triton and Neptune have a big fight, and Hades, an old god with white fiery hair and a cane and glasses appears. He tries to keep the war going on, so more people die, but Ariel stands up to Neptune and Hades, and Eric does, too.

They agree to stop fighting, and Hades goes off to sulk. Neptune grudgingly admits to Ariel about Eric, 'Not such a bad chap after all".

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