An episode from the Disney/WB show The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures:


(At the skatepark)

(Mickey riding his skateboard)

Mickey: Ya-hoo! Whee!!

(Mickey giggling)

Mickey: Yee haw! Yeah!

(Mickey lands on the flat bar)

Mickey: Hey, Donaroo! It's your turn now!

Donald: Um, no thanks, Mickey, I'm good!

Mickey: But you always like taking turns skateboarding with me!

Donald: Yeah, I know Mickey, but you know what would be cooler than that?

(Mickey shrugs)

Donald: A longboard!

Mickey: A longboard?

Donald: Yeah, Mickey! We can ride together instead of taking turns!

Mickey: Yeah! That would be cool!

Donald: Sure! Well, I'll see you later, bye!

Mickey: Bye!

Minnie: Hi, Mickey!

Mickey: Hi, Minnie! You wanna ride my skateboard?

Minnie: I'd love to, but no thank you! You want to ride with me on my tandem bike?

Mickey: No, thanks, Minnie, I like skateboarding alot, you know?

Minnie: Yep!

Mickey: I was thinking about buying a longboard, so me and Donald can ride together on it, because I think he's getting tired of taking turns riding my skateboard!

Minnie: Well, okay! I'll see you, my big sister's going buying beauty stuffs and she wants me to come with her, so I'll se you tommorow, bye!

Mickey: Bye, Minnie! I hope my big bro will let me buy a longboard!

(Title Card)

Bugs: Uh, no!

Mickey: What?!

Bugs: I said no! You already have a board, why you want another one?

Mickey: Because, my best friend's getting tired of taking turns riding it!

Bugs: Well, okay! We'll be you a longboard tommorow, okay?

Mickey: Okay, Bugs!

Bugs: That's a good boy, now eat your vegetables, take a shower and get ready for bed!

Mickey: Sure thing, Bugs!

(Mickey eats his vegetables quick)

Mickey: Done!

Bugs: Wow, Mickey! That was fast, now go and take a shower!

Mickey: Okay!

(Mickey quickly runs into the bathroom and takes a shower)

(Mickey takes a shower)

(Later card)

Mickey: I'm done!

(Mickey opens his drawers and puts on his footed pajamas)

Mickey: Oh, boy! I can't wait until tommorow, and I'll show my friends and Donald that I have a longboard!

Bugs: I'm sure you can't wait, now go to bed! Good night, Mickey!

Mickey: Good night, Bugs!

(Tommorow card)

(Alarm clock rings)

(Mickey wakes up and yawns)

(Mickey runs to Bugs' room)

Mickey: Oh, Bugs!

(Bugs wakes up and yawns)

Bugs: What is it, Mickey?

Mickey: Are you ready to take to the Sports Store to buy me a longboard?

(Bugs yawns)

Bugs: Let me get dressed first!

Mickey: Okay, I'll be waiting!

(Cuts to the Sports Shop)

(Bugs finding a place to park)

Bugs: Aha! Here's one!

(Mickey and Bugs goes inside the Sports Shop)

Mickey: Where's the skate section?

Bugs: There it is!

Mickey: Oh, boy, I'm so excited!

(Mickey and Bugs at the skate section)

Bugs: There's one!

Mickey: Wow! The longboard!

(Mickey holds the longboard)

Mickey: Let's get it!

(Mickey and Bugs pay for the longboard)

(Mickey and Bugs goes to the skatepark)

Mickey: Hey, my friends are here!

(Donald watches Minnie and Daisy ride the tandem bike)

Mickey: Hiya, Donald!

Donald: Hey, Mickey!

Mickey: Hey, Donald, look what I got!

Donald: What is it?

(Donald gasps)

Donald: You bought a longboard?!

Mickey: Yep! You wanna ride with me?

Donald: Are you kidding? I'd love to!

Mickey: Okay, hope on!

(Mickey and Donald gets on the longboard and rides it)

Mickey and Donald: Whoa! Ya-hoo!!!!

(Mickey and Donald giggles as they ride the longboard inside a blue tunnel)

Mickey and Donald: Ya-hooo, whee!!!!!!!!!! Yay, yaaaaa-hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

(Mickey and Donald rides the longboard out the blue tunnel)

Mickey and Donald: Yeah! Whee!!!!!!!! Yaaaa-hoooo!!! Yay!!!! Yaaaa-hooooooo!!!!!!

(Mickey and Donald lands on the flat bar)

Minnie: Wow, that was awesome!

Daisy: Totally awesome!

Mickey and Donald: Thanks!

Mickey: Would you like to ride?

Minnie: Thanks, but no thanks! Me and Daisy always ride the tandem bike!

Daisy: Yeah, we always like to ride bikes!

Mickey: Okay, suit yourselves, you want to do a duo ride?

Minnie: Sure, but what's a duo ride?

Mickey: A duo ride is when two people ride on a ride, like you two ride on your tandem bike and other two people ride on their ride, like we ride this longboard.

Daisy: Well, um okay!

Donald: Good, now let's ride!

(Mickey and Donald ride the longboard and Minnie and Daisy ride the tandem bike)

Mickey and Donald: Yeah, wheee!!!!!

Mickey: Isn't this fun?

Minnie: Yeah!

(Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Daisy rides inside the blue tunnel)

(Mickey and Donald giggling)

Minnie: Wow, this is fun!

Daisy: It sure is!

Mickey: Yeah, it is fun!

Bugs: Kids, it's time to go home!

Mickey: Coming, Bugs! Let's go!

(Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Daisy rides out the blue tunnel and lands on the flat bar)

Bugs: Where y'all having fun?

Mickey: Sure!

Bugs: Okay, let's go home!

Donald, Minnie and Daisy: Bye!

(Mickey goes with Bugs, Donald goes with Daffy, Minnie goes with Lola and Daisy goes with Melissa)

(Fades in and fades out)


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