Teaser Trailer Announcer: From the mountains of So-Snowia to Alborn Forest, comes an all new feature length television movie."

Sam/Randolph the Gray: "Modo, Shamwise, Griffin and Parry, I give you the Fellowship of the Power Ring."

Robin, Bean, Rizzo and Pepe/All 4 Cobbits: "Wow!"

Sam/Randolph the Gray: "Brave and fearless ranger, Premodern."

Kermit/Premodern: "You have my powerful sword."

Sam/Randolph the Gray: "Sharp shooting elf hero, Sedulous."

Scooter/Sedulous: "You have my powerful bow."

Sam/Randolph the Gray: "And brave, tough, but loveable dwarf, Gremli."

Gonzo/Gremli: "And you have my powerful axe."

The Muppets Lord of the Power Rings

Rated G for General Audiences

Coming to ABC Network on October 4, 2019

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