The Powerful Heroes is an upcoming American aniamted series created by Greg Miller.





  • Lord Matock: Lord Matock is the main antagonist in the series
  • Miss Greengold (voiced by Jodi Benson): An evil schoolteacher who kidnaps Miss Carell and traps her inside a box.
  • Madame Zolentina (voiced by Edie McClurg): Madame Zolentina is a fortune teller supervillainess who forturne telling peoples and steals everything from them along with her chicken sidekick Wally. She and Wally steals three Treasures from the Museum. She and Wally instals her tent to made a fortune teller project
  • Wally (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): Wally was Madame Zolentina's chicken-like bird sidekick who is a thief like his female boss. He and Madame Zolentina steals the Three Treasure from the museum during the night.